Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's 4:14 a.m. and why am I awake and updating my blog... I have no idea! Both of my boys are asleep and the sounds of the ocean are around me, thanks to the 'sleep sheep.' (must have for little ones... couldn't live without it!!) Anyways, I just feel like I never have the time or energy to update lately and I NEED to! I don't have baby books yet for the boys and I was feeling very guilty about it, until I ran across a website that can publish your blog... so you have a hard copy book of all of your pictures and text! I thought... perfect! Who needs a baby book when you have a day-by-day journal of your life! haha! But then, I realized I need to be better about updating this!

So, on Thursday we made another trip up to Duluth for the boys' eye exams. It is always a quick and semi stressful trip. Trying to feed them right before we leave, then sit and wait for the eye exams... then meet with lactation quick after so that we can get another feeding in before we head out again to go home in order to make it back in time to feed again. It's getting easier each time we go. Practice, practice. Max's eyes are all clear! He will no longer need to have the eye exams done. Luke's left eye still is at stage one, so we do have to go back for another follow up appointment, but the doctor is pretty sure that things will regress on their own still.

We also were able to bring back our home monitors on Thursday (since we haven't used them since the second week they were home)! That felt good to get those out of the house. Luke also needed a different car seat for a while from physical therapy because he was so small so we were able to bring that back too!

We are adjusting more and more everyday into a schedule and routine. I still think someone is playing a joke on me when I see two babies! I will be holding one and look in the pack-n-play and see one sleeping and almost take a double take... what! There's two!!! haha! Just seems surreal sometimes still. Having twins is hard. Period. . . . But luckily I like the challenge! :) I have a hard time just feeling as though there isn't enough of me to spread around sometimes. I will be holding Luke and we are cuddling and then Max will cry and I will have to deal with him. Or Max will be gazing at me and I will be talking to him and enjoying his alert time and then Luke will puke all over himself next to me and I have to redirect my focus. I know that's all part of it, but I can't help but think that if I had them one at a time... in a span of a couple years, their time with me as babies would be so much MORE of a devoted thing... instead of ... too bad, puke rules over tears, then comes blow out poop and whining, well there is no room for that! haha! I'm sure in some ways it will only build their character... and mine! Well... gotta cut this short. Both are stirring in the crib and I think someone just threw up! haha

All ready to meet John to go for a walk! Doesn't Max look so happy and excited!!! Luke really was!
Home from our walk... all tuckered out!

Doing our best to have quality time... all together! :)

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  1. LOVE the picture of you and the boys! I hope you have that framed and up...haha like you have time for something like that right now :)! But sooo cute!