Monday, September 13, 2010


So many good things happened in the last 24 hours...

- Max had a huge blow out poop that I initiated with sticking a thermometer up his butt. Long story short... Grandma Candy and I laughed hysterically at me and Max covered in poop and Max has felt better ever since!

- The boys slept the longest they have ever in their life last night!!! Around 3 hours... but 4 hours between starting the feedings. Great! Well, a miracle really! haha! However, I was up more than normal checking on them... I couldn't figure out what was wrong! :)

- Max smiled at me today! Might have been a fluke... but I really doubt it! He did it a few times and it was a full, toothless, gum showing, baby grin! Amazing!

- And.... only 3 more days until Caleb gets home! Miss him so much.

Luke.. getting ready for a walk :)


Sleeping like twins... notice the SAME posture, arm over head! haha

Sweet Luke this morning :)


  1. haha. i remember the first time lacey slept all night. i put her down at 10 and she woke up at 6. I asked mike what time he was up giving her a bottle and he gave me the "why would I get up and give her a bottle?" look. I was so happy, it was amazing!

  2. Hey Ash,

    So happy to hear all the good news! I had a dream last night that I got to see you guys...but I guess the dream was in the future because Max and Luke were just about a year old. Anyway, they were walking all over the place and talking like crazy. So glad to hear they're doing so well in real life as well as in my dreams!


  3. Sounds like things are going pretty well!! So excited to read your blog again (I had to catch up)!


  4. Hello Yoder Family,

    Enjoy these days. Soon the boys will be walking/running around and then life gets more hectic. They are getting cuter every day. Sending hugs to you all.