Monday, February 20, 2012

A Valentine's to Remember!

I have had many memorable Valentine's Days over the years. With all things from receiving carnations from boys in middle school, to dancing with my husband at the Valentine's dance over 12 years ago... never to have thought that he would end up to be my husband, to being surprised with a homemade meal prepared by my boyfriend (Caleb) and his best friend for my girlfriend and I, to many other fun surprises and sweet things over the years. BUT I must say, this year will go down in the books, as one to be remembered! Let me explain...

Caleb and I decided to make a flying trip to the cities on Valentine's Day to do some shopping for things for his upcoming snowmobile trip, to make some returns, and to stop at some of our favorite stores that we don't get to frequent in our neck of the woods... simple things like Target and Trader Joe's. And it also worked out for us to see our friends, Chad and Kasey, that just got back from their honeymoon Monday night! It was a nice day... we did some shopping, went out for lunch at Granite City Brewery, had fun looking around in shops and the boys were great all day too!!

But the memorable part of the day came from a major wardrobe malfunction while we were in the mall. Caleb was upstairs in the Rosedale Mall looking in Roger's and Holland's while I was trying my hardest to keep the boys entertained. Glitter on the carpet was only entertaining to them for about 30 seconds and then they were running through the mall like crazy men. And that day just happened to be one of the days where I had the boys in matching outfits, exactly, as little adorable twin toddlers. So they were gathering lots of attention as they were practicing holding hands and walking together and then they were making faces on the glass railing, etc. I was desperate to keep them busy and well mannered since we were being watched so carefully. I spotted a little kiosk down on the lower level and decided to scoop the boys up and take them down the escalator to check out this cool remote control helicopter buzzing around.

As soon as we landed on the main floor they both saw the helicopter and got so excited. I was still walking with them in my arms and when we got close I bent down to put them on their feet. Mind you I was a little sweaty from chasing them the past hour in the mall and my pants were sagging more than normal and I had no free hand to give them a good HIKE before I squatted. Yup, you guessed it, as I slowly squatted down to release the boys my pants released .... yes, my pants split right up the butt!!!!!!!! At this point I paniced and immediately begin to actually SWEAT! I grab Luke back right away knowing that I have to think quick to just  flee this whole situation. But of course by time I grab Luke and sit on my feet to cover my tush Max has already darted off after the stupid helicopter. Now at this point I was really panicking! There was no backup. I left the stroller with Caleb upstairs that had my purse, my phone, and any other security blanket I would have needed. So as I sat there in a cold sweat I was watching Max run farther and farther away as the toy helicopter salesman (who was foreign) was successfully selling this toy to my toddler! And as I continued to plea with the salesman, saying, "please make the helicopter come towards me so Max comes towards me," the salesman would just fly it father away.

Have you ever heard of the flight or fight response to stress. I'm sure. But they say those are your two options of response. Either you want to run, flee the situation or hid in a hole or you fight, face things head on and tackle them. This whole concept makes more sense to me when you are maybe in competition or taking a test, etc, but not when your butt is showing in public, yet my mind/body had the same decions and I decided to fight. What else could I do because with two small children I figured it was a little unfair to them if I chose to flee! So I worked up the courage and stood up with Luke in my arms and proceeded to follow the direction Max was headed in and bent down to pick him up. (And at the same time mooned the toy helicopter salesman). I then tried my hardest to find the up escalator as my heart was pounding out of my chest and I just kept going to the down one instead, then looked to the stairs and thought bad idea, then found the up escalator finally!

As I took my first step on I just started to get the giggles and couldn't stop laughing knowing that everyone below me could see my hot pink underwear and my butt (mind you, it was Valentine's Day). And then as I am going up the escalator people are pointing at me with my armful of matching children only to probably die as I passed with my hinney showing! I finally get to Caleb and he immediately knew something was wrong! I think he was beyond shocked! I hand him both boys and turn to show him and the saleswoman helping him that I NEED to go buy pants NOW! I proceed to walk into the first store and tell the girl working that I need to buy pants that I can walk out of the dressing room with because I have a little situation... oh man! Good news, the store I happened to walk into was having a $10 off any denim sale, lucky me! :)

It all worked out in the end and was no real big deal, but talk about memorable!!! I just hit a spot on the escalator where I just thought... "Why am I taking myself so seriously?! Who really cares, and hey, Happy Valentine's Day to all you single men out there!" Hahahaha! All in all, it was a great day in the cities with my awesome little family... and... I got new jeans without (almost) any debate from my husband! As I turned around to show Caleb the rip and tell him I needed new pants the first thing he said to me was... "Do you have any extra in the car?" Only Caleb. Yes honey, I pack extra clothes for me and the boys in case we ALL blow out our diapers! NO! I'm buying pants, NOW! Ha!
A picture of THE pants... I was telling this story to my girlfriends the other night and they thought I should post a picture of me in the pants, but I figured enough people already saw it!
So yes, it was a great Valentine's Day altogether. And Valentine's to me is all about love and this year (and last) I just feel like I have more to love. It was fun to have a family day in the cities, with our boys, nothing that was typically romantic, but perfect to me! I know I have said it before but I LOVE being a mom. My boys are just a blast and I am excited to have more babies someday! Children are such a blessing and have made my life feel so full.

We are off to visit my aunt Kathy and Sue tomorrow in Hudson which will be a fun day and then it's time to get ready for Florida. We leave in 8 days!!! I have lots of organizing and packing to do and I just can't wait! Warm and sun, here we come!


  1. Oh Ash! you just had me laughing and crying again! Thanks for putting them on for us the other night! ;) Like I said before I would have been your Susie if I was there!

    Love ya!


  2. ooohhh ash i'm crying and laughing all over again. although it is better to hear the story and then see you with them on!! the whole time you told us i was thinking it can't be that bad but once you put them on i couldn't believe how bad!! love you girl and your cute tush!!

  3. Oh boy Ash-
    I laughed so hard when I read this and of course I was at work so people are looking at me really funny! This is a great story- I'm sure at the time it was not as funny! haha

    Hope all is well,