Friday, February 10, 2012

Why I Love Winter

I have so enjoyed some time with my husband lately. Since it is cold and frozen outside... I get to see him more! (One of the reasons why those long winter months seem to bother me less than most). In the warm sunny summer months I rarely feel like I see him... and when I do... things are crazy! So we have been enjoying time with our boys. Relaxing, working on our house, and just taking time to get things done that get neglected the rest of the year!

Have I told you ... lately, that I love... PINTEREST?!! (Really, who doesn't)
Here are just a few of the things I have done that are inspired by pinterest! Above is the inside of my pantry door. I painted the top panel with chalkboard paint for a "built-in" grocery list! My husband's big complaint is now having to take the door with him to the store... ha ha... funny guy. I love it!
Here is another pinterest find. Yes, I know it looks gross, but it actually tastes good. And I am sharing this for anyone who has little ones to feed (Amber & Dawn, you came to mind!) It is cheap, easy, and they will eat it! :) So check it out here...
My sweet babies in the early morning. I had just changed their diapers and took their jammies off and then snuggled them up on the couch with blankets while I ran upstairs to grab their clothes. They were watching Dora the Explorer here. Their TV watching time is only at about a 10 min span, and then they get bored.

Having breakfast with Dad on the "big boy" stools! :) My boys have such an amazing dad!
Aunt Kathy and Grandma Clara came to visit! Here is Kathy and Luke playing!
The boys showing off their skills on the rocking ottoman. So funny!
Luke attacking Max!
Aunt Kathy (with Luke), Grandma Clara (with Max), and Grandma Cookie :)

Have a great Friday!!! Enjoy the weekend! We are looking forward to laying low and I also have a baby shower for my cousin who had twin girls about five years ago... and now she is having ONE girl this time! Very excited for her... and I LOVE buying girl stuff. Just so fun!


  1. we seriously need a play date! Ty is sick with a cold again though! :( as soon as he's better I will be calling you! Love seeing pictures of those little boys! and you of course. ;)

    Love you!


  2. a couple more things! Good going on that recipe!! awesome! I think I'm going to make it tonight, if Ty lets me. ;)(matt's in spooner tonight) and I can't wait to see the basement/our workout room!!
    ok, i'm done! Hope you are having a great day with all your boys!