Sunday, February 26, 2012

And We're Off!

Well, almost! We are off to Florida in the next couple days and I can't wait!!! I looked at the 10 day forecast and it looks like sunny and anywhere from 79 to 81 everyday. I'll take that! The only thing that is making me not so excited is the thought of traveling on a plane with two toddlers, still as lap children. Yes, they have to sit on our laps for the whole flight... three hours! We will survive and then we will be in sunny Florida, even if it goes horribly bad.
I have lots of photos to get up on here and need to get some of them from my mom's camera. But I will update what I have at the moment. Caleb got back from his week-long trip to southwestern Montana snowmobiling in the mountains. He brought back some awesome pictures and I was just so happy to see him home, safe and sound. I even managed to have some fun while he was gone! I had a couple girls' nights at my house and I must say, I just love my girlfriends! I don't know what I would do without them!!! It is so awesome to have friends to walk through life with, people that love you, pray for you, and support you, despite all our differences and faults. I am thankful for all of you!

I also got to go visit my Aunt Kathy and Sue in Hudson for the day and also saw my cousins and had a really great time! It is so nice to visit with them all. I just wish we lived closer!! I have some really great pictures from my mom's camera that I NEED to remember to post. The boys had a blast playing the drums at my aunts... a real drum set! They were banging away!

A picture Caleb took snowmobiling. Looks so amazing!!
Papa reading books with the boys.

Auntie Rach and the boys... snuggling, or tickling?? Not sure! I must say, Rachael has been such a blessing in my life! She has been a HUGE support and help with the boys, especially when the guys are away. She also, though, has been such an awesome friend, confidant and sister to me over the past few years. I really appreciate her!
It really helps that my boys love her so much too! :)
Being goofy! Wearing "hats"!!
The boys wanted "bellies" like Auntie's so they have tupperwear bowls in their shirts! They just kept taping their bellies saying, BABY, BABY! (Oh, and I might want to be clearer, my sister-in-law, Rachael is a little over 5 months pregnant!)
My sweet boys, best buds. I find them always together. They just were both sitting up on the hearth. Having a little heart to heart! :)
Max the ham!
And Luke... the mad scientist?!? Ha ha ha ha!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! We will be packing, packing for the rest of ours! :)

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