Friday, December 2, 2011

My Little Elves

My little "helpers" were so kindly sweeping up my dirt pile in the kitchen! They sure are cute at least! :)

And the elves continue with their helpful chores!

Auntie Rach comforting Luke... he seems to have butt rash a lot. Not sure if I have mentioned it on here before but he cannot tolerate lactose. So we have him on lactose free whole milk right now, but he still has a sensitive stomach and if anything has any dairy in it (which is a lot of things, especially a lot of toddler friendly things) he gets diarrhea and immediate butt rash. Poor guy!!

And... the ham! He found my hat and got it on himself. He was so proud and wouldn't take it off!

I know that I keep saying this, but the boys are just so fun right now. But sometimes, they are as naughty and destructive as they are fun. It's just that age, and BOYS! They are getting into everything and saying NO! about 99 times a day gets old. We are now experimenting with time-outs and other patience trying discipline routines. They are really good for the most part, it is all normal toddler stuff. Oh... and about all the help they are... some of the best is reorganizing all of my kitchen cabinets. They prefer to start by emptying everything out first! Then... what a help they are with diaper changes. As I have mentioned before... they really shine during this time. Whether it's helping me wipe the other, or smearing poop on the other, or taking ALL the wipes out of the container as I am changing the other, either way, they know that they can push my buttons at diaper time. Lastly, my elves are gearing up for Christmas. I decorated my mantle last night and this morning I put them both on the couch and turned the lights on. They gasped with delight. It was great! And then they proceeded to pull the string of lights that hang from the mantle to the wall, almost completely "redecorating" the whole thing! :) But... now I have my lights strategically nailed to the wall. Not so sure my husband will be happy with me.

So about a tree??? Anyone have any toddler-proof Christmas tree ideas for me? One thought we had was putting a tree outside in front of our big picture window. You get the feel without the mess. But that seemed so lame... so not sure yet? I was thinking of just doing a tree for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then taking it down... but that is just not worth it. So we'll see!

This is my Turkey Day Veggie Tray I made to take to my Dad's family for Thanksgiving. It was SO easy to make, and rather impressive looking for how easy it was! Have I mentioned that I love pinterest... because I LOVE PINTEREST! ahha! Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey Ash,

    I love the pictures of the boys. They are so incredibly cute! And cool turkey veggie tray!

    I noticed you mentioned about Luke being lactose intolerant... I am really lactose intolerant/sensitive to dairy and I actually can't even have the lactose free milk. I have to use soy milk or almond milk or something with absolutely no lactose. I'm not sure if this would make a difference for Luke, but it has made a huge difference for me. You probably know all of this, but yogurt is supposed to be easiest to tolerate so maybe Luke could have this...but even this is too much for me. I was initially told I had to cut out absolutely every tiny bit of dairy (including tiny bits of whey, casein, lactose, and milk powder in random products - it's in everything!) for two weeks to tell for sure whether that would make a difference, and I noticed such a big difference that I check every label and I don't have ANY dairy products anymore.

    I hope this helps but it sounds like you're figuring it out anyway.

    Hope all is well with all of you!