Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So I've Been Thinkin'

No, I'm not pregnant and I won't be really any time soon. But I can say... with excitement... that I do want to be pregnant again. Well, more like I do want to have another baby someday! And... thinking of another baby makes me think... I would like A girl, if I got my choice. However, this thought FREAKS my husband out because he is afraid of having to pick up the pieces... of me... if I don't have a girl. But I told him I really would not be crushed to find out we are having a boy, or even a boy and a girl... but I might have a hard time adjusting if I find out I'm having two boys again. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE my boys and ADORE having twin boys... but I'm just not sure if another set of boys would be my first choice.

So with all of that being said... our good friends from out east are visiting for a while and they spent the night last night. They have two darling children... one being chubby a 5 month old... you guessed it... LITTLE GIRL! And, I fell in love... and have been dreaming. Here are some of the things I have been dreaming about...

Sweet girly clothes!

Seriously?! Grandma Cookie is going to be busy knitting!!

How fun is this?! That is the thing about being a mom with a little girl. Just like a dad with his son, you kind of get to re-live your childhood with them! :)

Isn't she sweet?! And how fun to have TWO older brothers to protect you!?

So... this might be going a little far when it comes to the re-living your childhood thing. But so fun!

I mean... come on!

So, that is what I have been thinking! But don't worry. I am not baby crazy... yet! :) I am just so happy to be ready-ish. I praise God that He has seen me through the past year and a half and the seasons of doubt and longing. I was scared before, and I am happy to say my fear is gone, and for that reason alone I am happy. There are many things I desire the second time around... that I may never get... natural birth, being able to see and touch my baby after birth, nursing in the first three months, going home with my baby and not leaving them at the hospital, etc, etc... but more than anything I am so thankful that I have TWO happy, healthy, strong babies already?! So really, what more could I ask for?! But... I am excited... and hopeful. And that is fun! :)

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  1. Just catching up on your blog, and I can honestly say that after two 10+ pound babies (3 years apart, thank goodness), I am confident that I am done. You are so right about having a girl, though--it's ridiculously fun--it's pretty much like playing dress up every day with the most perfect little doll! Love the pics you posted, and that you are at least thinking about it! Exciting :)