Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ready, Set... Donate!

Sorry that it has been so long since I have updated again on here. We have been busy... with colds, Daddy off to Montana hunting and now getting ready for the big NICU Harvest Walk/Run in Duluth this weekend! I have signed up with a couple girl friends to RUN this race. Ha! Run! I have not ran in about two years and had twins on top of that between that time. So... I thought, I'm athletic, right? I mean, I've always been fairly active, so sure, I can run this race. Well, last week I got out and ran 2 miles twice and... ouch! I am not ready. So, either way I will be crossing the finish line of this short race Saturday, either running, walking, or hobbling!

Now, on to other important business. Just this morning I set up a donation page. I am mad at myself for not starting this page sooner, but I just saw the opportunity today. So, either way I am doing it now. It is a great way to support the NICU and their efforts to update their facilities. As you ALL know we spent LOTS of time in the NICU and we were so blessed to have such awesome staff and facilities, but their plans to update are amazing! They are lobbying to create 18 private rooms for patients and their families. I can't imagine how wonderful that would be. You would no longer have to nurse your tiny baby in front of other people, or have to break down and cry next to the mom who has a baby in the NICU for only three days and thinks you are crazy. You could, as a mom, start to feel like a mom and play an active roll in creating the perfect (quiet) environment for your preemie! So... I am asking for donations... a dollar or two, anything goes a long way for a great cause!!! Here is where to make your donation! MY WEBPAGE

So... now I PROMISE that after this weekend I will have pics from the race and new pictures of the boys and lots of updates on how they are doing! Please, please pray that I will make it across that finish line too! :)

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