Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Away and Then Some...

First off, I really hate coming up with titles for my posts. I don't know why I do... but I never feel very clever when I start writing and it is always the first thing I write! So, sorry for the lame title.... my kids have zapped my creativity!

So we did it! We got away for the weekend and totally enjoyed ourselves! It was great and weird all at the same time. Great to not be on any one's schedules, great to be alone together, great to eat out with no distractions, but also weird in all the same ways! Life just doesn't feel right without the boys with us anymore, but in the same token we needed that time away desperately! By the end of our weekend Caleb and I were just laughing at each other. Everything the other would say we would GET and we were filled back up with grace for each other. We just spent time shopping, going out to eat, talking, and more eating! The best part was knowing that the whole time we were away enjoying ourselves our boys were being taken care of by people who love them as much as we do! It was so great knowing that the boys were doing so well too! Caleb's parents took them overnight Saturday and then my parents had them part of Sunday until we got home. The boys napped well and slept well at night which was so nice for everyone!! Overall, it was a success! And... I apologize, but no pictures from the weekend, totally forgot to bring the camera. The pictures would have been boring anyway, just of me and Caleb!
So the boys' favorite new toy??? This sweet four wheeler handed down from their awesome cousins. They are so IN LOVE with it! Talk about a couple of boys! They play with it morning, noon and night. It's the first thing they go to in the morning! The only bad part is that all they really do is fight over it! One gets on and the other pushes them off, and so it continues! Max likes doing "tricks" on it! I just tell him to get on and do his tricks, and before I know it he's standing up... with the funniest look on his face. He is just as impressed with himself as I am!
Luke watching his brother's "tricks" :)

Here is the next Moto-Cross racer! (ah... no thanks, mom's not ready for that!)

Step 2...

and step 3!

In other news, we had our 15 (ended up being 16 month) well-child check up on Wednesday. And yes, there were shots! Yuck! The boys are now weighing in at 19 lbs 11 oz (Luke) and 21 lbs 3 oz (Max). They are also both a little over 28" I think... maybe 28.5"? Dr. Hyser was pleased with how well they were doing and they both were given a clean bill of health! And then the shots... never fun... but every time we go in for shots I feel like my mind goes back to our stay in the NICU and when I had to 'help' and watch all the procedures they had done there. Putting in and taking out of IV's, head and heart ultrasounds, blood checks and transfusions, feeding tubes, and even immunizations in there... it just puts it all into perspective. Now they are two healthy strong little boys that have already gone through so much. So shots, eh! That's nothin'!
Not sure if I already mentioned this on here or not, but the boys are really walking well now. Almost to the point of running. They both are trying so hard to talk... and I feel so bad because I can see that they want to but it's just so hard to get it out! Also... Max dances all the time. He loves music. It is so funny because he will be intently playing with something and he will hear music come from the TV or a random toy and he immediately stops whatever he is doing and shimmies his little body! So funny to watch! And Luke's funny new thing is fake burping. I shouldn't have and laughed when he burped once and now he tries to burp all the time. It's actually pretty cute... but that is coming from his mom! :)

And lastly... in other fun news... tomorrow I get to head off to Cranberry Fest with my sister-in-law and hopefully meet up with my other sister-in-law. Can't wait, I always love going and looking through the chaos. Oh, and eating the bad-for-you food! Also, tonight is Tyler's birthday party. The last of the foursome to turn one! We are all so excited to go celebrate with our buddy! We love him! He is so sweet and has the best little smile ever! It will be fun to see Tyler, John, Luke and Max all walking together for the first time. Our boys finally have caught on enough now so it will be fun to watch all the toddlers toddle! Wow... we all have toddlers... so who is ready for round two?! Girls this time? hahaha... let's talk in a few years! :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. aww, great post ash! We are so excited to have you guys over tonight! Don't forget the camera!! I'm planning on getting lots and lots of pictures of our TODDLERS!! ok, i can't quite say Tyler is a toddler yet. He's not even one. :) I think I'm in a little bit of denial. Ok, see you tonight!!!