Friday, April 22, 2011

Take Me for a Ride in Your Big Orange Tractor...

Just a bunch of pictures...

Max, modeling the look Grandma Cookie dressed him in. She put his hat on goofy, we ALL thought it was funny?

Rachel and Luke hanging out together, oh, and our soon-to-be buddy, baby Kreyer in there! :)

Took a bunch of pictures of them today. They looked cute, so why not!?

This one cracks me up, looks like I have a couple of mafia babies... old one eye and round-houser! "Eh, ma, whacht you lookin' at, huh!?" YIKES!

I love Luke's little profile here!

Max knows that daddy is about to get him here! Haha!

"Who needs disposables, ma?! Dad got me all fixed up!"

The Boys' first tractor ride, with Grandpa Paul at the cabin!!! They LOVED it, and I think Grandpa had fun too.

Grandpa and Luke

I'm sure those boys can't wait to drive that big tractor! :)

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