Friday, April 8, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...

... we have a crawler! Yes, as of yesterday Max is crawling. Not everywhere or all the time, but he CAN! During physical therapy yesterday, Gwen (the therapist) asked how long he's been crawling for... and I looked at her in amazement and said, "well, for about 30 seconds!" Here come the gates and barriers, galore! :)

In other news, both boys are doing well. The physical therapist is pleased with their progress. Max can also pull himself up and stand on his own, but still needs to support himself with something... chair, couch, etc. Both boys are now saying "da-da-da." But, don't be alarmed, they are not saying dada before mama, they are just babbling! ha! Luke was the first to master that skill last week. Sounds so sweet to hear them "talk." It's almost as if I know what their little voices really sound like now!

Even though both boys are doing well, we still have catching up to do in order to continue to close the gap from their birth date to their due date. Also, Luke's stiffness, due to prematurity, has been a factor lately for his development. He is doing ok, but he does have a harder time coming out of sitting and just trying to reach for things, crawl, etc. I am praying he will overcome this obstacle just like the many others he has already encountered.

Max reading the other day... I heard him talking in the living room while I was in the kitchen and found him completely enthralled by this book!

So sweet!

Teething biscuits. A great distraction, but not sure if they are worth the mess yet?

The boys in sweaters knit by their Great-Grandma Clara. We LOVE them! They are our new spring 'jackets.'

The boys and I are loving this weather! We have been going on lots of walks lately. Had a great walk tonight with my mom. I was able to vent to her my struggle lately with just still adjusting and transitioning into motherhood. It is hard, amazing, rewarding, all-consuming, exhausting, fun, selfless, tiring, and my whole life... all in ONE! And that is the hard part. It is as if the day your child is born you strip away everything you once knew of yourself and you just survive. At least that was how it was for me the first few months. And now, now I am just adjusting to this whole new life. I am loving it, but let me tell you, I have my moments. There are days when I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off... and my head is spinning around in the dryer... which reminds me... I left clothes in the dryer! The hard thing is feeling as if it never ends. From morning to night, and sometimes through the night. My job NEVER stops.

Anyway, it was good to talk with my mom and have her tell me that she had days like that when she stayed home with my brother and I. Days when she said... "that's it... I am getting a job, I can't do this anymore!" And then hours later she would say, "I could never leave my kids." I am not saying a job is bad, or wrong, just not for me or our situation. I have felt that God has entrusted me with these boys, for a reason. And I feel that I will never have a better opportunity than this to disciple someone to follow Christ. Things of this world will fade away, but the lessons I bestow on my children today will be eternal. Now, as I say that I must wipe the squash/peaches/apple sauce off of my clothes, and shower for the first time in two days. I know, motherhood is all glitz and glamour... let me tell ya, but oh, so worth it all! :)


  1. Oh, my what a big boy!! That is so awesome Ash! I mean awesome that he's crawling cause he's doing so well! Not so awesome for you because he's going to be every where now! :) Can we see you guys Tuesday? Its suppose to be 64 and sunny!! Hurray! Hope you guys are having a good weekend!


  2. I'm so glad they are doing so well and developing so much!!