Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Weekend!

Kasey came home this weekend from college to hang out with me and the boys and help us out... A LOT! We made lots of baby food... 218 oz to be exact. Which I am so happy about. We now have lots of food stocked up for the boys. They are eating so well lately. Two time a day, sometimes three times. Their favorites are squash and sweet potatoes. But, really they do good with just about anything! (even broccoli!)

Kasey and Max... snuggling...

Check out this video... Baby Dominoes. I propped the boys up to take a video and before I knew it... down they went! As a pair! Haha! Too funny!

Grandpa came over on Saturday quick too... and it was a pretty nice visit. He put both boys to sleep for me. Without really even trying! Ha! They just snuggled with him and fell asleep!

And the fun continued... Yesterday I went to a baby shower for a close friend while Caleb and his family watched the boys. Then, Sunday evening Caleb and I took the boys out to the 40 acres we bought this winter to explore. We took them for a hike in their front packs around the trails and had a blast. We then went to a nearby farm to buy some fresh milk and Caleb insisted on taking me on a tour of the farm. He gets a kick out of the fact that I was never around farms, cows, poop as a kid and likes to see me uncomfortable. But... I must say... I did pretty good! And I really enjoyed it! It helps that a friend from high school was working there so I was able to ask her questions. The best part? Max's new favorite sound to make is "oooooOOO!" So, he sounded extremely smart when he was "oooOOOing" at the cows. I would say, "Max, what does a cow say?" And he would say "ooOO!" Baby genius, I tell ya! And Luke, he loved the cows! He is brave like his daddy, and was touching them. :) Overall, a great weekend. So thankful for the blessings of my life. AND... today... a birthday wish for our close friend JOHN! He's ONE!!! Happy Birthday Johnny! We love you and your mommy and daddy and are so thankful for your friendship. Can't wait to celebrate with you and watch you grow up with our boys.

(we need a new picture!)

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  1. love those boys ash!! they make me smile everytime i see them. max and his little ooohhh and luke just always smiling!! sounds like you and caleb had great fun!! john says thanks for the birthday wishes and said to whisper to the boys that mmmmm cake is good!! ps yes we need another picture. your boys are so big. john's still bigger but i think that might always be the case!! :O)