Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Snow Showers...

... are to be expected. Yes, it is WELL into April and it is still snowing. And last time I checked, we still live in Northern Wisconsin, so yup, I guess I can't expect any different. I usually don't get too upset because I never expect much more than that until about Memorial Day, and even then its iffy! Ha! BUT... I did just check the weather and tomorrow is supposed to be 55 and mostly sunny, so we will be walking!

Aunt Kathy came Monday and Tuesday for a nice visit. Always so fun to have family here and to have an extra hand around. HUGE help, as always... and just fun to catch up!

Oh... new baby stats... Max has a tooth coming in on top. And yes, the whole "teething" thing is a little more noticeable with this tooth than the other two. Poor guy! Max is still working on the whole crawling thing. It is not exactly fluid yet. And Luke, he is still scooting... backwards! :)

"Ah ha ha ah! Dad, you are SO funny!" (for the record, it doesn't take much)

Put together our wagon that we got from Grandma and Grandpa Yoder for Christmas. Maybe we can try it OUTSIDE tomorrow!?

My new favorite of Luke... so, so sweet. And it is just so HIM. He is just a sweetie!

Enjoy SPRING tomorrow... warning... it might change again on Friday :)

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