Sunday, March 6, 2011


I feel like I need to update on new things. Since the point of continuing this blog was to have a baby book reference for myself, I better get up to speed!

  • Luke has been sitting up unassisted since the beginning of February and Max has since the middle to end of February. (5 to 5 1/2 months adjusted age)
  • Since Florida both boys can now roll from their backs to their tummies. (6 months AA)
  • We have started solids and juices, officially. (6 months AA)
  • Max's first tooth has just started to poke up. (6 months AA)
  • Luke got his first haircut! (6 months AA)

Notice the little peacock feather on the top of his head?

It NEEDED to go. And he looks so cute now!!!

  • Luke scoots... only backwards. (6 months AA)
  • They both talk lots, giggle lots, blow bubbles and make motor sounds. (for a long time - 3 to 4 months? AA)

Apple juice in sippy cups. Sippy cups have not been mastered yet.

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