Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sick Baby

So we have our first official sickness. So bummed! We have made it so long in the clear...

Luke started coughing yesterday and it has gotten progressively worse. I called the doctor already to make sure I am watching for the right warning signs so I don't let anything go too long before being checked out. It just breaks my heart to know he doesn't feel well. I'm hoping he can get some good naps today because he hasn't been sleeping all that well. I have a steamer going right by the crib and I have him elevated too. Just pray for my little man if you think about him. And for Max too. He has a stuffy nose all of a sudden. I feel like he is bound to get whatever Luke has. How can he not?

Happy weekend anyway! We will just be laying low.... trying to kick this little cold!

Oh! P.S. Max has another tooth that popped up yesterday! Right next to the other one. His two little bottom teeth! Yay!

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