Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update in a Hurry

So I have been meaning to get on here quick to update on how the boys are feeling...

We ended up taking Max into the ER also on Monday night because he had been running a fever and his cough sounded terrible. I just assumed he would be sent home with the same diagnosis as Luke from Saturday night. Wrong, again. He was sent home with a cold... just some type of viral bug. Most likely the same strand as Luke, but it just didn't hit him as hard. All of Max's labs were negative and his chest x-ray was clear. A relief.

Both of the boys still have little lingering coughs and stuffy noses, but I think overall, they are on the upside of this whole cold thing. SO glad! They both, finally, slept the last two nights. That has been great! I felt like I had two newborns again... I felt like I was doing aerobics all night long. Up, down, nurse, rock, repeat! haha!

So, yes, we are feeling better! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers! Can't wait for spring now! Hoping to get the boys out for lots of walks!

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  1. need some more pics girl! since i can never visit these days!! love you!!