Thursday, March 24, 2011

Double Bubble

I have waited and anticipated the time when my boys would take baths together... the time is here! We have outgrown our baby tubs and kitchen sink. (the kitchen sink issue is the splashing more than their size!) It is so fun to see them splash around together!

In other Max and Luke news... we finally got the results back from Luke's CT scan. Looks like he will not need surgery! Such a relief! We might still go get a second opinion at Children's in the Cities, but at this point we are so relieved and thankful that his skull is shaping appropriately! Thank you, Lord!!!!!

Also, I got word from the doctor the other day that we cannot get another cycle of RSV shots this year. Usually they would get shots through April, but for some reason the way insurance works they only will do five shots, so we are done. Just hoping and praying that the boys make it the rest of the way through RSV season healthy. They have for the most part come out of their colds. Both still have very sporadic lingering coughs, but seem to be recovering well!

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