Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Florida... in detail!

So... to start... our trip down to Orlando. We flew out of Duluth which was great since it was close to home and a small airport. As we waited in line to check in with two full sized suitcases, a double stroller full of our carry-on's, two carseats along with both of us carrying a fussy baby... I think everyone simultaneously felt sorry for themselves, thinking... "we have to be on a plane for three hours with them!" Really I would like to say for the record that we proved them wrong. Despite all of our odds... the flight being delayed an hour and 45 minutes, each of us with a baby, then finding out it was impossible to sit next to each other, neither baby really sleeping at all ... the flight went surprisingly well. Funny thing, after all the research I did on flying with twinfants, no one ever cared to mention that we couldn't sit next to each other! WHAT?!?!! Since they allocate only one extra oxygen mask per row we could not each have a lap child in the same row. I guess the designers of the air craft while their planning thought... "What if someone travels with twin infants?" "Ha! That will never happen... not one is dumb enough to do something like that! haha!" Well.. we were. Thank you very much.

(And if anyone out there is looking for advice on travling with twins or infants. Just comment below and I can email you any thing you want to know!)

The flight attendants were great, however, which helped. Since I was nursing one baby and Caleb bottled the other during our ascent and decent it was a little awkward. Because we sat next to each other in the isle, it meant I was either in the isle feeling exposed and then RIGHT next to me was a complete stranger. Can you say awkward!? Thankfully on both flights I had a female next to me that was very understanding (thanks to the stewardesses). On the return flight they had to literally tell two passengers where to sit. Did NOT give them the option. THANK GOD! My choices were a mother of three or a 15 year-old boy! Phew! The stewardesses explained the situation to the lady after she sat down next to me looking confused, and she was relieved too, since the boy was her son! ha!

Okay... so enough about all that! We made it there and had a great time, a really great time all week! We stayed with Caleb's sister Angie and her husband and family down there. They drove from home with their four kiddos... an amazing task in itself. We had perfect weather all week and just really relaxed. I feel like I got a much needed break thanks to Ang's help along with her three oldest kids being willing and able to help out too. It was just so nice to be able to take the boys outside and on walks and just to be OUT! They didn't love the beach at first, but of course by the last day they started to really acclimate to it all... Caleb and I really would have stayed longer at that point!

Oh... now one more story quick before some pictures... Our return trip. So, we rented a vehicle while we were down there and luckily they upgraded us when they saw us drag what looked like every possible personal belonging with us to the rental counter! It was late when we arrived to get our car and I was short with my words to say the least at that point. Caleb was checking in and the guy said in his Mexican accent... "So, what I do for you is a Ford Focus - no?" I very far from sweetly replied... "A Ford Focus!? If you expect us to fit all of this luggage along with our double jogger stroller into a Focus I am leaving a baby here with you!" So... we got a Dodge Journey instead! It was great and super roomy! But all of that is not my return trip story...

We were on our way back to Orlando to fly out which was about 2 1/1 hours from Sarasota. We were cutting it pretty close on time and our plan was to just head right to the airport, no stops. Part of the deal with our 'free' upgrade was we prepaid some fuel so they said to bring the car back empty. Our GPS seemed to be leading us on a wild goose chase and well, we were running low on fuel. We turned on a road in a completely rural area and the GPS said only 3 miles to Airport Blvd so we knew we were close. Then Caleb said it... "We just ran out of gas." I panicked, asking him if I should call 911. All I could think is we are going to FOR SURE miss our flight and what in the world are we going to do... walk 3 miles to the airport with enough luggage for a family of 8!? He just calmly put it into neutral and we coasted, amongst the trailer houses on a desolate two lane road. Then, like a mirage, out of nowhere comes a gas station on the right side of the road. I start yelling with excitement. We were laughing at our luck as we coasted into the gas station and I proceeded to push Caleb to the pump just feet away. We made it to our flight on time... and all went well! Ha! Some call it luck... I like to think God just reminded me He's still there, with a great sense of humor! :)

The boys ate fresh avocado... and loved it!

Max telling Cousin Sammie all about his lunch...

"And Auntie Angie kept saying... 'AH!' Not sure why. She looked so weird doing it!"

Angie and the boys... swinging!

Beach Bums...

Max and Sam

Happy Luke!

Enjoying the beach!

Apple juice at the beach.

Family Photos at Sunset!


What a cheesy grin!

Ah... now we just need Hayward to warm up! Hopefully soon!!! :)

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