Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So I have a lot of pictures but not tons of time... so here's a speedy update, in pictures!

The other night the boys were playing outside with me and I sent Max in because he was cold. I knew that Caleb was in there doing bookwork at the kitchen counter but I figured Max would just be busy playing with toys... nothing for him to get into to...

Well much to my surprise I walked in about fifteen minutes later to a disaster! As Caleb was obliviously engrossed in his paperwork Max was running around the house with a full (now empty) bottle of baby powder... just having a blast flinging it EVERYWHERE!!! There was almost a white haze when I walked in... and I said to Caleb as calmly as I could... "do you see what is happening behind you?!?!" He turns around and says... "oops, no." Well... it is just a good memory now... and Luke joined in right away too as you can see! The pictures really don't even do it justice... ha ha!

We got away for our six year anniversary in September!! So fun! We just went the cities and shopped, stayed in a hotel and ate lots of good food! I got a haircut which was beyond needed and it was fun to be away and have the time to go get it done! 

Eating out at the Cheesecake Factory! Yum!

My anniversary present... along with getting spoiled all weekend... a second band for my wedding ring!
The only picture of us from the weekend... and really... a not so great one...
These pictures below are from the second weekend in September. We went up to my mom and dad's cabin in Mason to celebrate my brother's birthday! So fun!
Max, Nevaeh and Luke!
Papa's hay wagon... all done now!
These two are partners in crime!!

Nana's gourds!
Just in case your are not aware... we are movie stars! Ha! We filmed a commercial and took pictures for print ads for Essentia clinic. It was fun, actually!

Did I say it was fun?! I meant exhausting! Ha!

The boys in sweaters from great grandma Clara!

Billboard that is in Duluth... haven't seen it in real life yet. 

My puff paint pumpkin!
The boys said they wanted to be babies... like Eli! :)
Sweet go-cart their dad got them!
My fall mantel... believe it or not... the banner is still up!!
Daddy's boys... night before Caleb left for Montana! He's home now though!
Phew... done! :) Now to do my 18 week update!

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