Monday, September 17, 2012

14 Weeks

So I am officially out of the first trimester and on to BIGGER and better things... so they say. Below is my picture comparison of 14 weeks with one (second pregnancy) and 14 weeks with twins (first pregnancy). Crazy difference, I must say. Makes total sense, but it's just interesting. 

I'm bummed that my newer picture is so blurry but that is what you get when you are running to get there for a self timer and a camera that I think was about to fall! So I didn't think that I was going to do a questionnaire type thing with my pregnancy because I don't know how much will change if I update every week but I thought I would maybe do them every once in a while... as things progress for the sake of keeping track!

How far along? 14 weeks 1 day
Baby Size: Baby is the size of a lemon
Total weight gain/loss: hmmm... this will be a question I would just rather avoid! :) So far I would say gain... no other info is necessary! Ha!
Maternity clothes? I am still in my jeans and buttoning them... until after supper and then I just have to unbutton them to get comfortable when I sit. Thinking I will be needing some maternity pants in the next few weeks. 
Stretch marks? Not really... I mean I have a couple from last time that are still there. Weirdest thing... I got stretch marks AFTER I had the boys. Like as I shrunk back down. I did read that can happen but it just doesn't seem to make sense!
Sleep: Sleeping ok... as far as pregnancy. 
Best moment this week: Starting to feel movement.
Miss Anything? Nothing at the moment!
Movement: Just starting...
Food cravings: Salty & Sweet... lately toast always hits the spot?!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I made some type of seafood pasta the other day and I just about LOST it with the smell... turned me off for the rest of the day.
Have you started to show yet: Yes. Belly is sticking out more. I can still wear certain things to hide it, but overall anyone who knows me can tell. I am just thicker overall.
Gender: Our plan is to not find out! We'll see if I can stick to my plan in 6 weeks! 
Labor Signs: No... my prayer is to have no signs until after at least full term!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On... waiting to get my original wedding ring back this weekend for our anniversary. Caleb got some work done to it so he has been waiting to give it back to me until our anniversary!  
Mood? Good... normal?
Looking forward to:  Actually looking forward to having a belly, even though I know I will regret that as soon as it's really here. Also looking forward to the future of a growing family, being "done" and moving on and watching our family grow, meeting the baby... and just knowing what it is... it just might kill me to wait! :)

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