Thursday, September 13, 2012

13 Weeks

Right off the bat... sorry no picture. Nothing has changed since my last picture so I thought it was irrelevant. I did want to update quick though..

- Started feeling baby move this week!!!!! I really thought there was no way, but it was undeniable after a while. I looked it up and "they" say that second time mom's can feel movement at 13 weeks. So I'm going with baby and not gas!
- Sorry, that was really my only reason to update! :)

I will post a picture next week and I have an unbelievable comparison picture to post of me at 14 weeks with the boys. It will BLOW your mind. I couldn't believe the difference myself! I will say that is the one marked difference so far, besides feeling better overall. I can't believe how much slower you grow with a singleton?! At first I felt really big with this one... just bloating and being a second pregnancy my uterus was ready to inflate it seemed like automatically. But now, I feel like I'm waiting to get into maternity clothes and so far I'm still buttoning all my pants? I am not saying my belly is little, trust me. But I am saying I can tell there is only one in there! Maybe a petite little girl?! Who knows! :)

Also, just some rambling... but I have been thinking and praying for my dear friend Dawn... she is moving next week... to NORTH DAKOTA! And I am going to miss her terribly! I also am "extra" sad because we are both pregnant right now and I love having her to talk things through with and laugh about and really... laugh at ourselves! I am just so thankful for phones! We will be talking a lot, I'm sure. But Dawn... I just want you to know that I love you dearly and am praying for you, Mike, John and little Baby M. Know that even though we will be 12 hours apart our friendship will never change. Thanks for being there for me over the last 10 ish years and for being such a beautiful example of consistent, Godly, loving friendship in my life! Can't believe I'd ever say this, but I can't wait to go to North Dakota...... so I can see you!

Ok... check back next week for the 14 week bump update!

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