Thursday, April 26, 2012

So I don't have many new updates... maybe that is a good thing! Life is just zooming by as it always does this time of year. Caleb has been up and running with the start of another landscaping season and the boys and I anxiously await his return every evening! It's really fun to see how excited they get to see him when he pulls up in his truck and they freeze where ever they are ... because they know the sound of his diesel truck... then when they see him it's all hugs and kisses! So sweet! And Caleb, I'm sure, is JUST as excited to see them!
Luke zoned out in the basket of toys! Playing hard is tiring! :)

Caught them reading books together... 
Best buddies... I just love them!
Found this sculpture today when I was cleaning... I saw Max stacking this earlier but I was pretty impressed when I realized he fit a cow in the mix of rings! Ha!
We have an exciting weekend ahead of us! We are walking in the March for Babies event up in Duluth on Saturday morning, helping to raise money to combat prematurity. March for Dimes is an amazing organization that has done awesome things for the world of preemie care and research! If you would be interested in donating check out We have joined Miss Audrey's team. She was one of our neighbors in the NICU that has an amazing story! I'm excited to have a mini reunion with some of our great friends and acquaintances from the unit!

We also have a gender reveal party to go to Saturday night. One of my good friends, Seanna, due in the end of August is having a get together/bbq with a bunch of friends and they are revealing the gender of their sweetie-to-be! Such a fun idea! Her and her husband found out the gender at their 20 week ultrasound a few weeks ago and they have been strong enough to keep the secret to share it with all of their friends and family this weekend! We are all pretty excited to find out what they are having!!!

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