Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Projects

We have been busy bees around our house, trying to get some last minute things done before the landscaping season starts. I know that in a matter of days... the dreaded words will be spoken... ROAD BANS ARE OFF! Which means, goodbye Caleb, see you next fall. Well... that might be a little dramatic, but you get the idea. So here are some pictures that I have been meaning to get on here...
A little before and after... this is before, of course.

And after-ish! We still have lots to do, but it sure looks different, thank goodness!

I'm so thankful that my husband can do things like this! He even made a gate out of the same materials to put at the top of the stairs. I'm excited to get staining now!

Max riding his four wheeler, that actually goes! It's supposed to have a 6 volt battery but all that Caleb had in the garage was a 12V, so it goes a little fast to say the least!
Luke is just determined that if he sits long enough on the big wheeler that someone will give him a ride... always perched on there!

Max giving his baby a ride! So sweet!
I could hear him talking and grunting and I looked over and there he was... getting his baby ready for the ride!
Dad tickling the boys...
Looks fun?
So you know how I like before and afters... here's another one. Caleb and Luke touching for the first time. Luke was only days old.
And this was just Sunday, after he woke up from his nap.
We had a great Easter!!!!! We went to my parents' on Saturday night and then were with Caleb's family on Sunday. All of the boys' cousins were sweet enough to stuff the boys' eggs and hide them in the yard. So fun to watch them search in excitement!

Max with Grandpa.

Dad and Luke.

Found another one!!

Mmmm... yogurt bites inside! Sorry... no candy!
I just have to say, we have such awesome family. It is so nice to get to spend time all together and relax, play, make memories and eat! :) I just feel so blessed to have times like these, with my boys. And to know that there are many more memories to be made in the future!!

The boys got this sweet little 50's diner set from my mom and dad for their birthday, which yes, is next month. But Grandma Cookie just couldn't wait! And I'm happy she didn't... they love it!!!!!

And it's so cute... with a little jukebox and ice cream scooper. And pie, hotdogs, and hamburgers. Just too cute!
The boys are busy cooking right now in their new play set and they are working on the whole sharing thing. Just doesn't come easy! Also, in other good news... we received a letter just on Saturday that brought me to tears. It read...

Dear Parent/Guardian of Luke:
It was nice to meet with you and to evaluate your child, Luke. We are very pleased with his ongoing progress. Luke's growth had been excellent...
Luke now scores in the normal range on our developmental assessment. His physical exam was also normal.
In summary, Luke has shown significant growth and improvement in his development scores. He is now thriving. We feel that he is doing very well and he will be discharged from the NICU Follow-Up Clinic.

Now, I understand that this letter is automated for the most part... Max got the same exact one. But as I am reading this letter in the car on the way to my parents' house, Give Me Revelation is playing on the radio and I just started to bawl! I couldn't help but get overwhelmed remembering the fact that I put the lyrics to that song on my blog while the boys were in the trenches during their NICU stay, and not knowing how to handle it. And now... they are normal, they are thriving! It just blows me away! And more than anything... it hit me like a freight train that God hears me... He really hears my cries and answers my prayers. Amazing! The season of Easter is humbling. To think that God gave us His son, wow, we are not worthy! How awesome!


  1. ugh, crying again! :) We do have an awesome GOD!!

  2. What a sweet post...brought me to tears!