Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This past weekend we got to go to John's 2nd Birthday Bash! It was a blast! It's so fun to watch the boys grow up together and to see them interact more and more. John is such a sweet and super SMART little boy. He is a joy to be around and his parents have done an awesome job so far. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with amazing friends to go through life with. Amber and Dawn and I have had a great connection raising our boys... hand in hand. It has been such a constant joy and safety knowing that I have two other woman that love my boys just like I love theirs, and knowing that I can call them at any hour to ask all those crazy mom questions... like what is the toddler dosage for Tylenol... again!?!?! Ha ha!

You know my favorite... before and after... Below is one from John's Birthday party last year and then his party this year! Wow! Amazing what can happen in a year. We went from babies to BOYS! 

 Luke... Tyler... John.... Max               Luke.... Max... Tyler.... John
Max got this sweet new toy from Grandma Cookie in his Easter basket... he LOVED it! His facial expressions were priceless!
And again... ever amazed!
My handsome Luker... after a bath and ready to go home!

Ok, I know I'm partial, since I'm their mom... but aren't they so cute!? 
The boys got to go to our local airport, which is about a mile and a half from our house, to watch Papa land the other day! It was great!!
Future pilots?
Just call them Goose and Maverick! :)
Here comes Papa! 
So happy to see his boys!
We also got to go see my grandma in Ashland the other day and we also got to meet our newest little cousin... Sophia! She was born just a month ago and is so tiny and sweet... and did I mention, girly?! It was a blast to see them!

Great Grandma and Max... I think Max was supposed to be wearing the crown... but this works too! :)
Luke and Great Grandma... she really is a GREAT grandma! 

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