Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making Messes...

My boys' new talent... making messes, making messes, making messes, repeat! They are in to everything and because we don't have closet doors yet they love to take everything out of the closets too!! But, part of me really isn't bothered by it. I take the opportunity to try to teach them what is ok and not ok to play with, and then it takes about two minutes to clean it all up. However, today we had one of our biggest messes ever ... poop, yup, I said POOP!

I had just changed Luke's blowout diaper and he was just running off in only his diaper when I began to change Max's blowout. It was all the way up his back so I had a hold of his feet in my left hand, way up high, as I wiped his butt with my other hand. He proceeded to reach down and grab a big handful of poop, as I screamed! I then tried to continue to wipe his back off so I could set him on his back again and at the same time I was trying to keep him from smearing poop all over his body. At this time his brother came back into the picture, in a rage to get into the open poopy diaper. Now I had Max's feet in my one hand, my knee restraining his other hand full of poop and my other hand shewing away Luke! Then, before I knew it, Max smeared his poopy hand all over Luke's leg! Ah!!! I kind of lost it at this point and just let poop get on Max's clothes, wiped off Luke, finished wiping off Max and then had to clean them both in the sink! Man... that is a prime example of that twin bonding... even over poop! Ha ha!

Taking out ALL of the wipes!

Emptying all of my drawers!

"What, Mom!?"

Also, the boys really are starting to take off walking. Just in the past few days! It is so fun to see them toddle around! They are good incentive for each other too... once Max sees Luke walking, he's up and ready to go. And same for Luke! We are really in trouble now!!! Gotta run... I think I hear a mess being made :)

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  1. Oh my ash I was laughing so hard I was crying! Many more adventures to come! Love seeing those boys grow!!