Friday, September 2, 2011


Once again I have fallen way behind on updating where the boys are at... They are now ONE YEAR ADJUSTED! This is a big deal, for me, the m.o.m. Mostly because when we talk about milestones the last year, it always seems to refer to this age. And we've made it! Both boys are taking steps, better everyday and Luke is passing up Max now and I have a feeling he will be running before I know it... probably before I want him to! Otherwise nothing else is really new. They are both talking a little... babble sounds still mostly, but Max is doing really good with Mama and Dada, well really good might be an exaggeration. But he can point to us and say the right name when he wants to, but that is still inconsistent!

We had our 12 month adjusted age NICU follow clinic this week and things went really good! The doctors were pleased with their growth and development so far and had no real concerns! Max now weighs 20 lbs and is 28.7" and Luke is 18 lbs and 28.3". They also said that Luke can cut down on his wear time with his braces, already!?! We are so excited!

Hmm... other news? We are enjoying the first tastes of fall. I LOVE fall and am so energized by the change in the air. So I have been busy doing some house projects/organizing and then the norm... clean, change, laundry, repeat, hug, kiss, run, NO!, feed, clean, and go-go-GO! But I am loving it!!! Everyday is different, fun, busy, and exciting! Everyday they learn new things and give sweeter smiles, and they are really starting to become these hilarious little buddies, partners in crime. I wish I had a video camera strapped to my head recording everything I see them do so I can share it with everyone! The best time is when they first wake up in the morning or from a nap... I hold them both together on the rocking chair and they slowly wake up, then turn to find each other... and giggle... then poke... then kiss... then giggle! So sweet. Twins really are such a fun thing to witness, as they grow together and interact. I thank God that he blessed me with them and them for each other.

Caleb and I and the boys went for a four-wheeler ride on Labor Day out at our land. The boys really liked it too!

My cool dude! He is already becoming a little entertainer... watch out, he will be a ham! My mom has told me many stories of my brother and I, and I think this little man is following in those oh-so-entertaining, but mortifying for the parents type!

Some of my favorite stories are about my brother though... talk about funny! I just hope my son won't ask random ladies why their butts are so big, or pee on the sidewalk downtown, or comment on non-expectant women's bellies, etc... :)

We gave the whole cake and ice cream thing another shot on August 29th! (Their due date). I figured Luke needed another go at it... he didn't get into it the first time!


This time he figured it out, and LOVED it!

Max's first haircut...

Like Father, Like Son... Daddy and Luke

Giving each other RIDES!

Max pushing Luke. And Max has a toothbrush in his mouth?!

Hopefully I will get more pictures up soon!!!

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