Friday, August 19, 2011

What a Difference...

I am truly amazed at the difference a few months can make... things are so much easier with the boys. (At this moment in time). I totally understand that as soon as these two start walking it will be a whole new ball game again, so I am enjoying this time. They have been sleeping so well, taking long naps and have been just so good at playing together. I am able to get so much more done than I used to... still not able to really have more than a half hour before I'm interrupted, but at least I can be hands free longer! Not to mention the boys are just so fun right now! So funny too! Seeing them together is the best. They just love being goofy... playing peek-a-boo and chasing each other. Neither are walking yet, but both are close. Both have taken steps, but not more than a couple. Funny thing is, Luke can stand on his own... just about from anywhere, using a table to balance or just standing up from the middle of the floor... but not walking yet?!

I took these pictures last night. Luke had a little bit of a red butt from his diaper so I was letting him roam free... then he decided he wanted to look at Dad's landscaping magazine with him... so sweet!

Not sure how well dirty Carhartt's help with butt rash! ha!

Best Buddies!

Happy Friday... and don't worry, are are NOT camping this weekend :)

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  1. Hey Ash,

    It was great seeing you guys when I was in Hayward. I still love the updates on here and check regularly - not only are Luke and Max absolutely adorable, but it's so amazing to see how far the boys have come and how well they are doing. They are very lucky to have such wonderful parents!