Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Summer Days

The boys were able to spend some time down at Aunt Rachael and Uncle Josh's new house that they are in the process of remodeling. They sure love the water. I'm sure in a couple years they will love to spend LOTS of time there swimming!

Grandma Candy and Aunt Rach getting the boys wet!

Foreman A and Foreman B... keeping the boys on track.

Funny new thing... the boys love yogurt burst cheerios... below is Luke, slowly working away at his pile...

And here is Max... picking out all the yogurt ones, and preceding to throw handfuls of the plain ones on the ground! Ha ha ha! I thought it was too funny, Caleb didn't. His first comment was, "Great, just like your mom, another person to pick all the good stuff out of the trail mix!" Sorry Caleb, gotta love those genes! :)

Oops, we did it again...

No, we aren't pregnant with twins again, but we did go camping again. Why?! I can no longer remember!!! It all started out great... we decided late on Saturday afternoon to head up the North Shore to do some sightseeing and enjoy our camper... you know, we wanted to wash away the bad memories from the other weekend and start fresh. With new good memories, in our trusty-rusty RV!

We finally headed out of Hayward around three in the afternoon and sailed all the way past Silver Bay, MN that evening. We were able to find a campsite, surprisingly, since we learned that there was a kayak festival in Two Harbors and the Fishermen's Festival in Grand Marais all that weekend! Caleb was excited to hear about the festival in Grand Marais (sounds similar to our Musky Fest) so we decided to head that direction Sunday morning to partake in the events that day. Camping Saturday night went well. The boys actually stayed in their own beds all night in the camper and we were off and back on the road, smooth sailing once again... headed to Grand Marais.

When we were about 20 miles south of GM the ol' girl started chugging... Caleb said not to worry, it was the same thing that happened the other weekend, but it would be fine. He worked that problem out already. I was thinking... oh, crap! So we continued down the road, with an uneasy feeling, but full of optimism... at least one of us! As we chugged along the fuel seemed to lose all pressure and then it happened. We just stalled... the big fat lug of metal quit! I was trying to get Caleb focused on pulling over so that we wouldn't hold up ALL the traffic headed to the Fishermen's Festival, so he quickly coasted to a drive off the highway...

You might find this funny, I guess I do now too... but at the time I didn't! This was the road we landed on... for the next six hours!


Poor Caleb, he diligently tried to work on the engine while the boys and I played in the RV. It was evident quickly, however, that our chances of getting back on the road were slim. One of the residents that live on Happy Acres Drive stopped and helped confirm the fact that we were stranded, in an OLD RV, with two babies, a frustrated dad, a pessimistic mom, and no where but UP to go! We got the number to dispatch from him and in no time a state patrol came to be our next possible savior.

Nope, he was no good either. But also very helpful in pointing out the doom in our situation... now we had two crabby babies, one irritated mom, a hopeless dad, and more bad news... no one that could tow our big, bad, broken down beast! All the tow trucks in the area could not tow something that heavy and our only option was to get a tow from Duluth... for $1500!!!! So, of course, Caleb said no thanks... he was thinking why tow it for that much when I can't get that out of it! And I was thinking, well I actually asked if we could just find a paint brush and paint to write FREE! Driver comes with! ... or ... $3 Tours, come see REAL LIVE TWINS! in their natural vacation habitat! $1 per question.... I assured Caleb we'd have that tow truck there in no time! We would have made $100 bucks off the state patrol officer alone... "They don't look alike, are they identical?" Here's your sign...

We ended up calling my mom to come get us (she was the savior that day) and while we waited we enjoyed the AC from the generator, had some lunch, took a nap, and really had a nice afternoon, camping!

We made it home safe and sound and Caleb and one of his buddies went back up that night to pick the RV up and trailer it back home. What a feat! They had to pull it up, with just man power in the middle of the night... but they made it! Barely, but they did.

So the ol' girl now sits and waits at a local repair shop. The thing is, I know and Caleb knows that after we get it looked over and redone by a professional mechanic, we will most likely venture out for one more try... BUT our families have warned us that we are not allowed to go farther than we can walk home! Good news is, Jolly Fisherman Road is only 10 miles from our house, so we might just end up parked there next weekend!

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  1. Oh Ash! I love reading your blog posts! You have me laughing out loud a lot! :) Love you girl and your little men!