Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy 4th!

...this is old... never was posted??? i am working on the camping weekend post!

To start off the busy weekend, Luke had an appointment with a specialist who prescribed foot/ankle/leg braces for both of his feet. Not sure exactly what to call them! He will have to wear them until his tendency to toe walk and his pattern of having his left foot turn out subsides. We go tomorrow for him to be fitted for his braces. I really hope he adjusts ok. I'm sure he will since he's so little, but I just feel bad that he is getting so close to walking and now he'll have another thing working against him! It will only make him stronger...

Ok... I was going to write about everything we did this weekend... but I am exhausted just thinking about it! So I will give you a brief run down in pictures!

We played on the boat, in the sun and the water! And then went down town to see the fireworks, but only made it for socializing and went home early for bed.

Our power went out Friday night... so daddy made bottles on the grill! :)

These are just random pictures of the boys in cute crocks...

... that they hated and just tried to take off each other!

So I need to try to be a better blogger... in the middle of the day I will think about something and tell myself - I need to blog that! And then the time comes when I can sit down and get on here, after 11:00 before I go to bed, and all I want to do is go to bed! Ha! I will get better...

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  1. They look so cute in the crocks! Love it! The pictures of them on the chair are awesome! You can really tell they are twins even though they aren't identical. Luke looks so chunky! They are so big ash! Praying for Luke and is leg braces! That boy is so active I can't see the braces holding him back too much. You could think of it as maybe for once he'll hold still and be able to put some more fat on those bones! :) Love you guys! Wish you were able to hang out tomorrow! Soon!!