Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is Here!

Our ear infections are gone, we are sleeping through the night, boys' weights are up, and the sun is out! Oh, and corn-on-the-cob is for supper... SUMMER IS HERE! :)

We had a follow up for the boys' ear infections on Friday and they both looked good! And... good news... Max is now 18 lbs 8 oz and Luke is 16 lbs 8.5 oz! (I still give Luke every half ounce I can find!) I am so happy they are feeling better and I am so, so, so happy that they are both starting to sleep through the night again in the last two weeks! Hopefully it is a new trend... sleeping that is! And other good news, well at least a milestone... both boys can crawl up the stairs! They have actually since the 16th of this month, but since that, the ear infections, busy landscape season, and not sleeping.. well I haven't been updating! BuSY!

The boys sucking any butter and corn left from Mom and Dad's cobs!

Dad doesn't leave much!


The boys looked so sweet playing with their farm animals tonight... buddies :)

Ok, have lots more to get done... more bookwork, a shower... and then... SLEEP! :)

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  1. awww! We miss you guys!! What are you doing tomorrow?! We would love to see you guys!