Monday, July 11, 2011

Them Clampetts Gone Campin'

Our internet is still not working right... ugh! So, this post is long overdue! We are at my mom and dad's house tonight... enjoying cable TV, Internet, and air conditioning while back at my ranch... there is none of the above, including power! Ah... thanks mom and dad! :)
We went camping last weekend (now two weekends ago)... it was a sight! Caleb bought a 1987 Coachman Crusader a couple days before we left... it looks like this...

This is what I asked for, so not sure what Caleb was thinking! HA

Ok, for real... we have been talking about getting an RV for a while, because we are trying to come up with things to do together, as a family. And we thought camping might be fun. THOUGHT... no it was fun, just a little more eventful than I would have liked.

The happy camper ... I got car sick, so I drove for a while! We went down a very bumpy road and I literally felt like I was in a blender in the back of that buggy! Luckily I had the boys in their carseats.

It's really not bad inside!

Auntie Angie and Luke, eating gummy worms together!

Grandma and Max

MMmmmmm... gummy worms!

So... this is how kind of how I was acting, maybe, but trying not to!

See... I was TRYING! Ha!

Luke was all wore out on our hike!

Seriously!? How cute are these two! My little campers!

Home sweet home... kinda.

The boys having some fun before bed.

Good Morning! After a not so good night!

It really was fun! Best of all, it was great to spend time with family, and for us (Caleb, the boys, and I) to spend time as a family! Tonight was great fun in the RV too! After our power went out we decided to spend the evening in the RV... we made a pizza, fed the boys, hung out in the AC, read some books (picture books TO the boys) and just had family time! It was really fun! So... that RV that I was about ready to drive into a lake after it broke down multiple times on our ride home from camping, is now ok by me. And... my luck, I would drive it into a lake, it would float, and Caleb would be thrilled with our '87 houseboat!

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