Monday, June 13, 2011

Eye Doctor and Ear Infections

Our eye appointment went good last week. Luckily it is so much less intrusive than it used to be... the exam. Since the boys are bigger it is quicker to dilate their eyes and easier to examine their eyes. Both boys are minorly far sighted. Luke worse than Max. Dr. Shuey was not overly concerned about either of them and recommended that we come see him again in a year. However, he did say to watch for crossing of the eyes, because that is common in far sighted babies... so feel free to inform me if you see my boys lookin' at ya funny! :)

Ear infections... ugh! We have them, had them, then have them again! Luke was diagnosed with an ear infection when we went in for our 12 month appointment on June 3rd and was put on antibiotics and then I took Max in just Friday (June 10) because he was running a fever and he has ear infections too! Then this morning Luke was running a 102 fever again and he had already ran his course of antibiotics so we took him back in and we are now trying a different, stronger does of antibiotics to see if that works. I just hate giving them medicine. There is always bad with the good there... sure, it might kill off the infection, but then it kills ALL of the good bacteria out of Luke's already weak tummy and could lead to him getting more sick and just feeling icky... not to mention excessive diarrhea! I've just been praying that his little immune system stays strong and that he can kick this quick! Max's ears looked good this morning when we took him in already though... better to have one sick than two!
And in other news... we ran out of milk... frozen that is! Crazy to think that our full size deep freezer is now empty! We introduced some formula for the first time this past weekend... just adding the two oz per bottle that we are shy, and they don't like it! Even mixed with breast milk. We will see what happens. I am considering upping my pumping... somehow make up for the difference! I have officially been a human cow for over 388 days... and have pumped over 2000 times... and nursed two babies another billion times! Wow! Happy we've made it this far still smiling... now at least! :)
Sorry no pictures... need to get some new ones up soon!


  1. oh ash, so sorry to hear the boys are down and out. Makes me sad. :( We miss you! I know how you feel about the whole human cow thing. Thankfully Ty doesn't mind the formula. Still doing half and half. Pump and nurse in the morning and pump once before bed. Much better than the every two hours! yikes! Wish I could help in some way! praying for you girl! Let me know if I can help in anyway! Love you!

  2. aaahhh girl!! i've been thinking of ya!! ug i hate hate medication. poor little guys! hhhmmm on the formula!! tough one. will they take the taste in their food? maybe start mixing the formula in some food also?? love you girl!!