Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Follow Up

We just got back from our follow up appointment in Duluth. The boys are seven months old today and at the end of the month they will be four months (adjusted age). The appointment is designed to help assess where our boys are and to make sure that they are doing well. We saw a nutritionist, neonatologist, and an occupational therapist. Overall, the feedback was positive. They were all pleased with the boys' development thus far...

The occupational therapist said that she was pleased with their cognitive skills, was impressed with how social they were, and she gave us a couple quick tips and tricks to help keep them on the track to catching up... meaning hitting goals that a seven month old would or getting closer to developing based on their actual, not adjusted age.

The nutritionist was also pleased. Even though the boys are small, they are adequately proportional... their weights match their lengths well and they are gaining on a steady, consistent growth curve. She was also happy to hear that we were still breastfeeding and she warned us to wait as close to six months (adjusted) to start any solid foods. Mainly, she just reminded us that we, well I, shouldn't be so worried about hitting percentiles and other marks. I need to remember that they were a little over a pound at birth! Makes sense.

The neonatologist, who was one of my favorites from our NICU stay, well I really liked them all, saw the boys today. He was very pleased with their overall growth and development and was very encouraging about me breastfeeding, which feels good to hear. However, he did have to deliver some bad news. Not quite sure how to explain it using correct terms, but basically Luke's skull fused together prematurely in the front of his head (forehead). Praise God that it is not affecting his brain growth, at this point it is just cosmetic. BUT, it will be significant if we elect not to have him have surgery. Plainly... the back of his head will continue to grow and expand and the front will not unless we have surgery to correct it. So please be praying that God gives us wisdom with this decision. We see a neurosurgeon and a plastic surgeon to decide what to do. Other bad news... with the boys having mild colds, he warned us again to keep them away from anyone who has a cold or any other type of sickness this time of year and that we are to wear masks (Caleb and I) if we get sick. It is just so easy to act like they are just fine, almost treat them as if they are full term babies, but it was a good reminder for us, to say the least!!

The best part of the day was seeing all of our old friends on Birthplace and at the NICU! It is amazing that for the time we were there I really feel like we made many strong, lasting bonds! Now... time for some pictures!!! I almost forgot... their weights!!! Luke is now 11 lbs 10 oz and Max is 12 lbs 8 oz.

Aunt Kathy and Sue came to visit!!!!!!

Luke loves his auntie!

Kathy and Santa

Photo shoot after a bath. Why do they always look so cute when they are all clean?!

I came downstairs the other night and Caleb had the boys on their tummies on a blanket with onsies on... and nothing else! So cute! They loved it! :)

Can you tell that Max likes to be naked!?

Boys are both sleeping after a long day and I am going to try to wrap some present quick! :)

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