Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

'Twas the morning before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Mommy (not santa) soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of flowing milk danced in their heads...

So nice and peaceful in the house right now. The boys are down for their morning nap and Caleb and I just had some oatmeal and now I have about twenty minutes to do what ever I please, since I already finished the laundry! :)

I've been wanting to take some time to reflect on this past year, but I decided that I would rather reflect on NOW instead of then. I am, in many ways for the first time ever, very content with life. I am usually always striving for or wishing for the next stage... when I was in school, I wanted to be graduated; when we were dating, I wanted to be married; when we were married, I wanted children... but now, I just want to be HERE. I am completely, head-over-heals in LOVE with being a mom. I must say, though, that it came in time. Even when I was pregnant I felt that I was unsure if I was ready for this journey of complete selflessness. However, it is quite the opposite. With selflessness comes much joy. The boys give me immense purpose, happiness and gratification daily. And, more than anything, I think God has done a work in me and has filled me with more peace and joy than I ever imagined. I just love being a mom and a wife, and I am thankful for that feeling!

Ok, enough serious stuff. Wanna laugh??? I have some pictures for you!!! I decided to get creative with the boys' burp clothes...

Photo 1: Biker Dudes

Photo 2: "I don't wanna play this game ma!"

Photo 3: (Back in character with smiles) Two Little Russian Orphans I adopted

And... my favorite....

Photo 4: Mr. Chiquita Banana!

Photo 5: Cha-cha, cha-cha, cha-CHA!

This picture of Luke cracks me up. He was just crying and then stopped quick to smile while I took a picture! :)

The boys' new favorite thing (and Grandma Cookie's) is to stand up and look over the back of the couch. They think they are so big!

Mr. Luke... such a sweet little man, with a great smile and disposition!

SIDE NOTE: You can see in this picture the difference between the appearance in the boys' skulls. Luke's is so much narrower... hence the fusion of the plates.

I LOVE the back view!

Amazing what a little milk in the tummy can do for the mood!

Merry, Merry Christmas! Can't wait to celebrate with our families and... for the first time... our children! :)


  1. So...the "flowing milk" line? I read that twice while racking my brain like, "I don't remember flowing milk being in that story!" until I realized....DUHH. Babies=flowing milk. Wow, don't tell anyone about that, haha!!

  2. Ashley- Thank you for sharing about the contentment process of your life up to this point. Such great insight and encouragement to read your revelations! You are such a fantastic mother and it is fun to watch your videos of Caleb and the boys! Have a wonderful Christmas with your boys!!

  3. Love you ash! May you and your new little family be blessed! Give the boys big hugs for me!

  4. Just wanted to say "you have beautiful boys and they are heores". Found your blog after I gave birth to my 2 little boys after 28 weeks and 4 days last july and have been reading it now and then. Helped me to see how well your boys are doing and little bit to see what will come.
    Best regards from Iceland, Helga