Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Pictures... are coming!

I have lots of pictures from my family's Christmas to get up... but Grandma Cookie has them all on her computer, so I don't have them yet. G-Cookie (her "cool" grandma name) also got a video camera from Grandpa, so after she got that on Christmas Eve I don't think there were any more pictures taken... just 3,439 minutes of video! haha! (That's what grandparents do... they never took video of their kids so now they are making up for it with their grandkids, I'll forgive them since it's my kids!)

We had a great Christmas with my family last weekend. It was relaxed and overall, just a great time. Good food (steak and king crab legs), lots of baby cuddling, games (GREAT games, mom, ha), and just time together - the best part! I am really excited for Christmas this weekend with Caleb's family. It is kind of nice to spread it out... I love Christmas so I'm happy it's not over. And then I don't feel so guilty about leaving my tree up longer!

My laundry helper... Luke!

Have I mentioned how fun the boys have been lately!? They are so, so, so much fun! They love to be tickled, and rough-housed (by their dad), and they giggle lots now! I just love them... ah! It seems dumb to almost say that, so obvious, but I do... from the heart of my bottom - as Caleb always says!

I will do a post of just pictures soon, of both Christmases! Happy New Year!!!

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