Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's August Tomorrow?!

I CANNOT believe that tomorrow is August! This summer is flying by! So far we've had a lots of fun things going on and lots of general summer busyness. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to...

Going for a test-ride on Papa's hay wagon that he has been so diligently working on! They loved it!
It is all done now!! And ready to go to the cabin to be pulled by the big orange tractor!
My hoarders! I just don't know why they love this so much, but they can't seem to get enough of taking all of the most random household things and shoving them in corners of the house! 
My little Luker! He loves his motor sports... already!?!
I found these two like this the other day... up on the table, reading books together. 
My sweet little Max, bringing me flowers!
So, speaking of hoarders... I went upstairs to make a quick phone call and this is what I came back to... they got the door open to the laundry room and proceeded to fill the washer with shoes, toys etc!!!
Oh my sweet nephew Eli! I got to finally see him again! He is just too sweet! I haven't been able to see him as much as I'd like ... between my boys getting hand, foot & mouth and then just having two two year olds in general... doesn't make for the easiest combo to get away to see baby! 
Naked dinner time!
So this naked dinner time needs some explanation... these boys, Max, Luke and Johnny, were swimming in the kiddie pool right before dinner. So we figured it would be fine for them to just eat dinner naked and then jump back in the pool to clean up. Well during dinner we could hear Johnny tooting on the plastic table and I kept telling Dawn, his mom, that he was going to do his business before too long! Well... not even a couple minutes after that and after this picture was taken my little Luker decided to humble his mama... you guessed it! He did his business... and let me tell you... I was just so happy my husband was there with a high powered hose, because it was almost more than I could handle in the middle of dinner!!! Oh good memories! All the things we will tell them someday...

The awesome new play set that Daddy got the boys! 
I'm sad in some ways that summer is almost over, but we have a busy August filled with lots of fun things to look forward to! And fall is by far my favorite season so I can't wait for the change!

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  1. aaaahhhh memories are always so good! love your little hoarders!!!