Friday, May 11, 2012

Garage Saling... Sailing??? Sale-ing!

Ever wonder how you are actually supposed to spell that... me too! I just like to add the good 'ol hyphen and pretend it's another word I just legitimately made up! So... last weekend I went garage sale-ing with my sister-in-law in IL! We had so much fun and got some great deals! I was able to buy enough clothes for 50 cents to outfit my boys for the next year, at least it seemed that way! And we got some other really fun purchases! Here were a some of my favorites...
We found lots of fun glass pieces for super cheap... and really had fun looking for things for our other sister-in-law's baby shower next weekend!
This is probably my favorite find of the weekend! It is the cutest little picnic table and it was in perfect condition. It's plastic so it's easy to wipe up and light to move... and it was only $20!!
I was also able to find life jackets for the boys! I got all three of these for a TOTAL of $10!
Some of my other favorite finds included my sewing machine, some clothes for me... shoes for me. Winter stuff for the boys and tons more! I also found two different twin boy sales so that felt like a jackpot! It was just a great weekend to spend time with my sister and her in laws. They are fun people to be with and we had a blast all weekend! Caleb did great holding down the fort here and with help from both grandmas they survived and we were able to have a sweet reunion when I got back! It's amazing how a little time away can make you feel so refreshed and recharged!!! I missed all three of my boys like crazy, though!!

Uncle Jake and Luke, me, Papa and Max!
Boys and their toys!
Lots of PLAID! 
Uncle Jake and Luker!
Max's expressions are the best!
Luke was Dad's helper last night! So cute!!
And Max helped too!!
Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! Have a great weekend!!

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