Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Etc... Etc...

Here is a little peak at hour home... we have been under construction, well since the moment we moved in last December of 2009. The house we bought is a foreclosure on Lake Hayward, and needed lots of work. But it has been a really fun project to work on. Here is a little before and after of part of the backside that faces the lake. (We used to call it the A&W house... brown with BRIGHT orange shutters and doors!)

And after! It still needs lots more work. We are thinking of redoing the roof with black shingles and then we need to paint the facia white and finish the deck and railing. But there is a difference as far as before and after still! :)

I have lots more of before and afters of the inside I should put up!

Moving on to current updates on the boys...

They are so busy! And so fun! Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a mom? Well... I do!!! They are so fun to be around and just are hilarious to watch together. Here are a few pics of the boys helping Dad work!

Luke and Dad above and Max and Dad below!

Monkey! We didn't really do the Halloween thing, but I did have this costume in our closet and had to just try it one them! So cute!!!


Caleb's dad side of the family does a reunion every October in Indiana. We had missed it the last two year and were so looking forward to seeing everyone this year!!! It was so fun to have the boys finally meet everyone and to be able to catch up on life with all the family. Unfortunately I below are the only pictures I got! The boys riding horses with thier cousins! I'm hoping to get some pictures from the other family members!

It was so great to see everyone! We really miss them and wish we could see them all more often. It is such a unique and special bond between that family and it is just amazing to spend time with everyone! I feel so blessed to be apart of their family. Now... MY family too!

Also, I have to mention that the boys did amazingly well traveling! I could not believe it! We took the 12 hour trip in two chunks both ways. We just thought it would be better on us and the boys. So both on the way down and back we left in the afternoon, drove 6 hours, stopped and got a hotel, and then traveled the other 6 hours the following day. Made it fun and felt more like a vacation! (Couldn't believe I got my husband to splurge on a hotel twice!) But I still could not get over the fact that the boys never really cried or fussed. They slept quite a bit and if they weren't sleeping they would look at books, play with toys and sing with their Dad to some crazy songs we found on satalite radio! I was about ready to go crazy, but they were having fun! Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I'm happy to know that my boys can travel if they really have to!

Ok... sorry... have more new pictures to get up soon but I'm in a hurry and I knew I had to get a post up quick before I got any more threats from Aunt Kathy and Sue! :) (he he!) I will even try to get a picture of me on here in my cute new hat from my aunt!

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