Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Things

It is so fun to see the boys change... daily! They are doing new things all the time it seems. I have needed to update the blog for weeks! (Since it is serving as my 'baby book' for now I try to update as much as possible so I have record of what is happening in their lives).

As of last week... or two weeks ago? Anyway, Luke can now sit up by himself! Really well too! It is so much fun to see him almost rediscover the world at a new level.... instead of on his tummy or his back. In the picture below he is being assisted by the boppy, but he can do it all by himself! (I need to get better about taking pictures again too!!)

Max also is doing really well with sitting up, but he does have more of a tendency to fall over. I think it's because his head is bigger and heavier! ha! But... Max does have a pretty impressive new trick. He LOVES peek-a-boo and he can now play peek-a-boo back. He will take his blanket or burp clothe and slowly pull it over his face and then rip it down... then he giggles in excitement when he sees you say PEEK!!! Hahaha! He loves it! And so do I... and just about anyone else who has witnessed it! I will try to get a video up soon!
Aunt Kathy came for another visit! It was so great! Caleb and I were able to get a bunch of stuff done upstairs... on the baby room and in our new master bedroom! And... she made us good food and as always, we love to see her! :)

Pants are over-rated...

Oh... and the update on Luke! We met with the neurologist last week and he thought, first off, that both of the boys were doing well. He was impressed at how well they were sitting since that is a 6 month skill. We are SLOWLY closing the preemie gap. (Right now we are 8 months actual - 5 months adjusted). Now... on to Luke's head. The doctor was encouraging. He thought Luke's head looked fairly good and he said that surgery would most likely not be necessary. However, he did say time will tell. At this point Luke is too small for the procedure to be done. He would lose way too much blood for his size, so we have to wait for a couple months to see a neurosurgeon at Children's in the Cities. Until then we will pray that Luke's head will continue to expand as normally as it can as his brain grows and that the ridge in the front will not become more pronounced. At this point surgery looks to only be for cosmetic reasons. His development warrants normal brain growth, but it is obvious that his front plates have closed, but thankfully no other 'soft spots' are affected.

We do go for a CT scan on Valentine's Day in Duluth. Luke's head needs to be examined for the bone structure and brain crowding. I pray that it all goes smoothly. I am a little nervous because they do have to sedate him. Poor guy... but hopefully he will do okay!

I think that is all that is new... oh wait, I almost forgot... we are going to Florida! Can you believe it! I can't! ha! It will be a big adventure for our little house-bound clan, but I am really looking forward to getting the boys outside in warm weather... for some walks and fun! We are headed out in about a week and a half. We fly out of Duluth so it will be much better than trying to navigate through the Minneapolis airport with two carseats, a double stroller, luggage for Caleb and I AND the boys... along with diaper bags... oh and don't forget... each of us lugging a baby! Oh no, you know what I just thought of! I need to bring my twin nursing pillow with! For those of you that aren't familiar with it... it's about the equivalent of a floatation devise for a 400 lb woman! Ah! Well... I guess we will figure it all out. Or at least that is what everyone keeps telling me :) My biggest concern is the fact that my boys will be out of their routine. I know it won't kill them, but it might kill Caleb and I! I just hope they will still get the same amount of naps and nighttime sleep so that they are not super crabby! I'm sure they will... overall it will be a much needed time away! And did I mention that we are going with Ang and Lon??? (Caleb's sister and brother-in-law) I am really excited because we have gone to Florida several times with them but this is the first time with BOTH of us having families... it will be so great!

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