Sunday, February 13, 2011


If you think about Luke tomorrow morning... say a little prayer that his CT Scan goes well. We are headed to Duluth tomorrow morning for 'Lover's Day' for the next step in our journey for this whole head thing. They are checking out his bone structure and any possible brain crowding. We check in around 9:00 am and then Luke doesn't have the scan until 11:00 am. Seems like a long wait, but I guess we have a lot of paperwork and questions to answer and then Luke has to get ready... IV's and sedation. (That's what I'm worried about... we've had IV's, but for some reason the sedation is worrying me a little).

So if you think of our little man... just pray he deals with the sedation ok, and the 'coming out' of it later!

Thanks!!! :)


  1. I am a co-worker of Megha Diller's and have been following your little boys' stories. I will pray for Luke today. 15 years agao my nephew went through the same thing. He had surgery at 8 months to fix his head. I was with my borther and sister-in-law at the hospital during the surgery. It was really scary at that time, but he is now a 16 year junior who is a straight A student. So I will pray for your little Luke and everything will be fine. Good Luke