Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Luke... continued!

So I must thank you all for your prayers because Monday went amazingly well. Luke did great! I just forgot to ask for prayers for Max... who was so crabby all day! haha!

We were happy to see that Allie (a friend of mine) was our nurse and I was very happy and relieved to find out that the whole sedation process was not nearly as serious as what they made it out to be on the phone initially. They simply gave Luke a few drops of a solution by mouth, I then rocked him to sleep and then I walked him down to the room where the scan was performed, which only took about three minutes and that was it! After the scan we just waited for him to wake up, I fed him and then we were on our way! It went great really! As far as the results... we should hear from the doctor as soon as he reads the scan. So I really have no relevant news... just that it went well.

It was fun to see a couple of our special friends that day too that visited us. Funny how anyone that came in the room from the Peds floor would say... "oh my! he sure is TINY! man, he's small. he's a little guy, huh!?" And then, when our old friends from the NICU came down to see us they would immediately start calling Luke 'big guy' and say they were amazed at how HUGE he looked! All relative I guess... but sure was nice for people to say my little man looked big! Loved seeing all our old pals! :) What a blessing our staff up there was!

Luke sitting up playing with his toys!

Goofy picture of Max!
Yes... we get bored sometimes and see what our kids will do when we...
put diapers on their heads!

It was very entertaining to watch... I promise. And it helped that it was late in the evening and Caleb and I were at the perfect slap-happy point! We were laughing so hard... the boys just kept looking at us like we were crazy... wow! The things you do for entertainment as a parent! :)

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