Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just Jack - 6 Months!

So it's Jack's turn again! Trying to keep in mind that he will (possibly) look back and realize that his mother kept a daily track of everything his brothers did and she only updated about him every five months, sorry Jack!

My mom gave me my baby calendar last week. It is so fun to look at the things I was doing at what age and just to see a glimpse of my past like that! We didn't have a HUGE "video" camera in the 80's, but my mom did take lots of pictures, but there is something about seeing everyday life that is so fun. So... I was inspired to go out and buy a baby calendar for Jack. I'm sure, as a boy, he will be less than thrilled to flip through his old baby calendar as an adult, but I bet his wife would be entertained, so it's for her!

Last week Jack had his six month check up and shots. He weighed in at 18 lbs 2 oz and is 27 1/2" long. Can you believe it?! I have a baby that is deemed "normal" on percentile charts! Not adjusted or tiny... just right! Super fun, I must say. He is now sitting on his own, rolling both directions, rocking on all fours, scooting backwards, "talking," giggling, blowing bubbles eating solids and probably lots more things that I don't even realize!  He takes two to three naps a day and gets up once a night, sometimes twice. Oh... I almost forgot... he has two bottom teeth through too!!

The thing I really want to report though is how much of a joy Mr. Jack is!! We had a couple of rough months in the beginning... meaning just lots of fussiness and adjusting but I would now say that he is just so fun and happy most all of the time! He is the happiest in the morning or when he wakes up from his nap... so so so much fun to be the first in to get him out of his crib! He makes you feel like a celebrity when he lights up at the sight of you to "let him out!" He loves to wrestle and growl with his daddy and he is starting to be enthralled with his brothers! I can't get him to eat or do anything when they are around! He just needs to be in the action too! He's just at a great age right now and I would love to find that medicine all of us mom's are in search of so I can freeze him at this stage!

Jack in his sweater that Nana made him. So sweet...

So this is how we go to Marketplace... remember our picture of how we go to Walmart, well it looks a lot like this now too. They only have one of those large carts at Walmart due to a few breaking over the summer (I asked) and now we are squished... this makes for QUICK grocery trips!

Jack enjoying breakfast with his brothers.

Max giving Jack a ride in the umbrella stroller Nana bought for her house.

We finally had his right ear re-checked. We had to go all the way to Duluth to hear that he was just fine. Good to know, I guess.

My sweet boy!

Ugh... don't you just want to squeeze him!? Please don't... he's sleeping! P.S. He looks SO much like my brother's baby pictures here, crazy!

He loves this jumper!!! And those legs have gotten mounds chubbier somehow since this picture was taken!

Happy boy in the morning!

My happy camper in the Dells over Labor Day Weekend.

Matching brothers thanks to Aunt Kathy!! :)

My cool dude...

Doing some serious cross training for crawling!

I am such a sucker for sweet boys in jammies... all ready for bed!

So yeah, another picture of us at the grocery store... this time Jack decided to wait to have a bowel movement for about three days and then let it all go on the way to the store... changed him in the trunk of the vehicle and then realized I had NO extra clothes for him... so he wore one of the boys' sweatshirts, like a dress!

Jack visiting his sweet girlfriend, Elle. She was just a day old. He was so thrilled!

A picture of me at 2 1/2 months. Found it in my calendar. I see Jack in this picture a little!

My hunting men at our cabin!


I find him like this all the time now... ready to crawl! Last night was the first time he lifted a hand and knee up... crawling is so close now!

He loves playing with the boys' Elmo potty book! It's pretty cool... it has buttons that sounds like a toilet is flushing! You can understand the intrigue?!

Green beans! We started with avocado the other night and have had that again and green beans so far. And he has done awesome! Totally "gets it" already!

Like I said before... this kid loves to rough house with his dad... he really just LOVES his dad in general! He just about wiggles out of my arms when Caleb comes home at night!

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