Thursday, September 12, 2013


So this is a very short post about our trip to Colorado that we took... A MONTH AGO! Seriously... I cannot keep up with my blog! Sorry!

We had an awesome trip out west to visit with some of Caleb's family. The boys did amazing on the three hour car ride, then security/hustle bustle of the airport, then two hour plane ride and additional five hour car ride over the mountains...

Maybe it's a good thing that I am writing this a month later... only the good memories remain! Ha! We are simply crazy for traveling like we do with little ones, but it's oh-so worth it!

On a Harley in the airport!

Dad with ALL the boys!

Max, three years old and third time on the plane. 

Luke ready for take off!

We LANDED... at 9 pm into Denver... I considered it a huge success to make it this far into the trip and still be (happily) married. 

This little man decided that since he was OFF the plane, he was NOW going to smile.

These little boys sincerely love each other so much! I caught them like this over my shoulder on the way over the mountains!!

My sweet baby sleeping!

Caleb and Jack snoring away!

So once we made the trip over the mountains we headed to Grand Mesa to stay at a "camp" for a couple days for a Yoder Family Reunion. It was 10,000 feet and so gorgeous up there! The pictures below are from there!

Unfortunately, pictures never show elevation! It's way prettier than it looks!

Playing with cousins!

Somebody loves his toes!

Amber (Caleb's cousin) and I!

Yup... he just takes care of it where ever he is!

Max and Luke with Bryce... Caleb's cousin's little guy. The boys loved him!

At Ed and Anita's (Caleb's cousins) after the reunion. Watching a movie. So funny... the two little girls just got new bike helmets from their Auntie and didn't want to take them off!

Miss Aubrey and Jack... she loves him, and he loves her!

So after the weekend reunion we stayed at Ed and Anita's an extra day and got to go to Ouray. An awesome little mountain town. It was so fun! 
In Ouray...

We ate a cute little brew pub that had great seating up top with a great view!

Being a tourist is exhausting! 

Ed and Anita's little cuties!

We then headed back to Denver that night. They boys traveled back so well and we stopped in Frisco for dinner... it was one of those dinners that was just perfect. Our boys were so well behaved, and the much more welcomed surprise was Jack... he was so good all through dinner and we could ENJOY ourselves! 

And then reality hit when we arrived at our hotel around 11 pm, got settled in, showered, everyone to sleep... only to wake up about three hours later to head to the airport for our early flight. I felt so mean waking the boys up at 4 am to carry them out to the car and drag them through security. We survived and were all happy to see home once we finally got there! 

All of the work and sleeplessness was so worth the time spent with family. It was a great time and so happy we got to take our little ones to the MOUNTAINS! The Rocky Mountains have always had a special place in my heart... it's where I spent all of my vacations as a kid with my family so it was fun to relive the experience as a parent watching my children be in awe of the size of God's creation! 

My dad and I riding on a gondola in Montana about twenty years ago...

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