Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just Jack!

So I haven't been really good at updating on "Wee Man" since he has entered our world! "Wee Man" is what Caleb has so sweetly tagged our little Jack as. He so far has become a family favorite, as you can see below!
Great big brothers!!

Sweet, chubby, charmer!

Jack just had his four month appointment on Tuesday, the 9th and he is doing great! He was 14 lbs 15 oz (so probably 15 lbs by lunch) and 25.5" long. He is hovering just under the 50th percentile for weight and a little over the 50th for height.
Other updates: Rolling from tummy to back, almost rolling from back to tummy (currently from back to side all the time), found his toes, smiles a ton, loves to coo and talk and is obsessed with ceiling fans... best built-in entertainment for him! He's starting to light up when he hears and sees his brothers (when they take the appropriate step back so he can see them!)

Baby Cakes getting kisses from his cousin Sammie. He loves her... as she loves him too!

More kisses!

My walking partner... I have had some days lately where I am pretty much DONE at the end of the day and the other week Caleb worked until dark just about every night and came home early, around 8:00, so I took advantage of an hour left of daylight to unwind, alone, on a walk... however... as I was trying to channel peace and solitude this little man kept looking up at me... reminding me that I was not alone, and more importantly, reminding me that I DO love being a mom! 
Sweet sleeping boy. He likes his swing!

Jack is contagiously happy in the morning! Oh... and as far as milestones/updates, this kid is an amazing sleeper! I know he will ebb and flow as he goes through growth spurts and other changes but since he was about 3-4 weeks old he's been sleeping through the night!! He has his very occasional middle of the night awakenings, like last night actually, but I think it was from those darn shots he got yesterday!

Naked baby modeling!

Big boy dressed for church! We love these shorts, Aunt Kathy! 

Seriously, such a sweet sleeping baby!! He looks so much like my brother Jake here. I went through some old family photos and was amazed at how much Max and Jack resemble my brother's baby pictures!

So overall I would say that little Jack has stolen all of our hearts and is just the best little addition to our family! It does so often feel strange to me to do things ONCE! I feel like I am always forgetting a baby, or at least multiple repetitions of regular tasks. I have come to love diaper changes, rocking, burping, bathing, all the normal baby "chores" now that they no longer feel like chores. One and done. Kind of nice and very fun to just relax and enjoy him! It makes me feel a little bad for the boys sometimes because everything was a system, a job, a task with them... change one, scoot over, change the next, pat to sleep quickly before the other cries, uh-oh, Luke puked and Max pooped, start all over! Ha! I find between having that all first and just having one this time... I have way more patience and actually laugh now when Jack poops in a fresh diaper... funny how time changes things!

I think I'm safe to say the adjustment period now feels over and we are all (including M&L) very excited to have him here everyday... I say that because the boys for a while wondered how long Jack was going to stay! He is a super sweet, chubby and happy baby... but if you get on his bad side he goes from 0 to 60 in about a second! When Jack is mad, he's mad. Period. Ha! He does love to nurse though, which is my best weapon against those tantrums... should be interesting to see how that plays out as he gets older and has me wrapped around his finger! Baby Jack, we love you to pieces, especially those chubby legs and... we are happy you are here to stay! :)

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