Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So life has been a little nuts since my last update!! We've been slowing down since the landscaping season and seeming to get busier with the apartments and remodeling around the house. Have I ever mentioned that I really dislike being a landlord?! Let me tell ya... not so fun! But we are working out some kinks and making it work! Let's just say that there are a few people that live in our apartments that probably RUN the other direction when they see me coming... oh my husband is so happy he put me in charge of all this now! :)

Along with all this we have had a very interesting week in the Yoder Household! Sunday night a guy who used to work for us a couple years ago called Caleb up and said he had no place to stay... in short he's a homeless alcoholic with lots of problems. Caleb has kept touch with him over the last two years and was mentoring him in a way... keeping up with him and trying to keep him on the right track. So he ended up spending the night in our basement both Sunday and Monday. We did a lot of pouring into him those couple of days... trying to find him other places to go, filling out job applications for him, giving him rides places (yes, he has no car either), feeding him, and praying with him. I was hopeful when he left Tuesday, sober, that he would take some of what we had told him and move in the right direction. Well I'm learning more and more that a person in that type of predicament needs to WANT to change in order to get better. It is defeating and it made for an exhausting week... even though he isn't in "our care" anymore he is still calling and we are still dealing with him but he sure has shown Caleb and I LOTS!

After the shooting last Friday and just encountering another Christmas season I feel like I've been confronted with the importance of sharing Christ, wearing Him on my sleeve per say. The man that stayed at our house showed me once again the vital importance of this concept. When you see a person that has nothing, I mean NOTHING, you can really only offer him one thing... and that's hope, and that can only come from God. It was a great time to share with him about my Savior who he actually shares. He has accepted Christ during one of his alcohol rehabs, but like us all... has gone through valleys and mountain tops. Let's just say... he's in the valley right now! Like the Grand Canyon! Anyway, it was good for Caleb and I to be reminded of our blessings because we have chosen to honor Christ with our lives and live a certain way. And it was good for him to see that we believe all we are and have is because of Christ... and the discernment and wisdom that comes from following Christ. It has just become more and more evident to me that Christ is nothing to be afraid of sharing, I should never be shy of my Savior, whether it offends someone or not...
 "If we disown him, he will also disown us." 2 Timothy 2:12
We have an extremely loving and gracious God, but if we continue to deny Him it separates us from that love and grace He so badly wants to pour out. 

Oh yeah... remember the reason for my post? I'm pregnant still?! Awesome! Two weeks past where I delivered the boys!!!! 
27 weeks 5 days
The boys wanted in on the action... showing me their "babies" too!

How far along? 27 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: A little over recommended... so it's still my secret! ;)
Maternity clothes? Yup! But the sweater I'm wearing is just a regular one... still mixing it up!
Stretch marks? None, so far!
Sleep: I told Caleb last night that I am already starting to mourn my loss of sleep. Between getting up often with Luke (who seems to be having lots of bad dreams lately), my hands going numb and aching constantly  and just knowing what a newborn is like... well let's just say I was tired and overwhelmed at the thought! Ha!
Best moment this week: Having Caleb get to feel his son do some crazy flips the other night! He was moving around a ton and Caleb was able to feel some feel really good kicks, flips and punches. Along with watching my belly move around too! We were having a blast!
Movement: A lot... see above :)
Cravings: I'm starting to see more and more that yes, I have another little Caleb-boy in my belly. I've been into hot stuff again lately, and really liking the veggie sub at subway since it's only $2. I get pepper jack cheese, ALL the veggies (even peppers) and chipotle southwest. Mmmm... I don't even miss the one slice of deli meat they usually give you! Ha!
Gender: BOY!!!!
Labor Signs: Still none so far!
Belly Button in or out? Still in! But I don't think for much longer!
What I miss: Being able to sleep, talk on the phone, put on my mascara, do the dishes, etc... without my hand(s) going numb!
What I am looking forward to: CHRISTMAS! With my family this weekend and then with Caleb's fam over New Years!! Looking more and more forward to meeting  this boy. It just makes me so curious to think of what he is going to be like... more like Max/Me or more like Luke/Caleb or a whole new mix?! Also can't wait to experience one baby... and prayerfully a positive birth?! I'm just excited!

Also... I was just telling Caleb that the baby is about 14.8" from head to heel. This week the baby's brain is also developing its folds and grooves and he continues to add layers of fat to his body. This may not seem to mean much... but I remember these gestational phases as if they were seared into my brain forever. My boys were two weeks old at 27 weeks 5 days and I was educating myself as a first time mom about how to increase their brain development by approaching their isolettes from both sides, talking to them in different tones and from different sides of their brains. I was encountered with the sobering reality that if I was not proactive about these things... they would merely not happen. I would demand the nurses to change their positions even though it was aggravating for them to work opposite, but I was paralyzed by pictures in books that showed a premature baby's brain at 37 weeks and a full term baby's brain in utero at 37 weeks. An amazing difference and I was determined to change that for my boys! What I am saying with all this is I feel beyond blessed to be able to bond with this baby in my tummy! I feel like everyday I'm given more time to get to know him and more gifts of his development. I am thankful that with two crazy toddlers to take care of I really don't have to worry about their little brother... God is forming him as we speak! Ah... amazing! Cheers to 12 more weeks!

So if you think about it... say a prayer for "that man" who is homeless, controlled by a substance and just like you and me... a sinner who needs God's grace. And also...



  1. ah, good post Ash! So thankful for you!!

  2. Seriously, Ash, I'm amazed every time you talk about the ways YOU worked for your boys to reach where they are. Yes, God was good and brought them to where they are, no doubt, but YOU were His instrument in their growing up healthy and right on track. I honestly am not sure that I would've been able to do all that you proactively did for them with one baby, much less two. All that's to say that you are an INCREDIBLE Momma and such an inspiration!