Thursday, August 23, 2012

For Aunt Kathy and Sue!

So this post isn't JUST for Aunt Kathy and Sue... but it was encouraged by them, so I'll give them the credit! My goodness! My last post title was "Is Tomorrow August?!" and now look... tomorrow will be August 24! How did that happen!?!? Life has been hauling by! Lots of new things and lots of excitement! The boys are just a blast lately. Talking up a storm and starting to really interact together, more than even before! 

Naked bike riding, everything is better naked... when you're two! Look at Luke's butt... so cute!
One strategically placed bike, makes for one cute picture! Mr. Serious?!
Little smirk here...
I can just hear him... "mama! It's cooooooold!"
Drinking pool water!
GREAT Uncle Johnny telling the boys stories at Great Grama's Birthday party!
They were kind of a source of entertainment!
Great Aunt Jean reading to the boys! So sweet!!
Grandma Max!
Helping Papa blow out his candles... all 53 of them! :)
We finally, just this week, got to go for a ride on Papa's new POntOOOONn!
Luke in all his glory... driving!

And then 'nuggling with Nana!

They love riding on the boat!
Nana watched the boys yesterday and brought them a treat! Tofutti ice cream... for Mr. Luke! They sure enjoyed it!

Nothing says summer like... ICE CREAM! Sad to think that Labor Day is next weekend already. However, I'm dying for fall!! Can't wait for apples, leaves changing, cool air, unpacking sweaters, lots of baking, our 6 year anniversary, pumpkins, Yoder Reunion, four wheeling at the cabin, and so much more!

So next time I have a three week lag in my posts... just remind me, Aunt Kathy and Sue, to get on it! Love you both! Happy weekend!