Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where to start...

So I am trying to remember what all has happened since the last time I posted! We had the boys' birthday. We also went camping last weekend. Which was a great getaway! But a little exhausting to camp with two two-year-olds. I need to get some pictures up from the weekend from my sister-in-law. Big eventful news from the camping weekend... we locked the boys in the camper. But no worries... some random camper walked by and saw us in distress and told us about a "trap door" to try and we had Trevon (my nephew) shimmy through to save the day! Always something... we also went go carting, horseback riding, shopping, ice cream eating, and we went to this great kid friendly zoo... it was a blast!

What else... oh yeah, I had a birthday. Not super exciting, but I do have some pictures of the boys to share at least. I am now 26... which seems to mean nothing. Birthdays are weird as you get older... but it is always a great excuse for good food! I guess I'm not old enough to dread them ... yet!
The birthday boys... who are now TWOOOOOOOOOOO!
Helping his brother out!
So sweet!
My boys and I... a picture the night of their birthday... 2011 to 2012!
My sweet boys... Luke and Max.

This one it so great! Love it!
My parents and my brother took me out us out to Famous Dave's for my birthday. After we ate we took the boys down on the dock and there were fish everywhere! The boys thought it was great!

Holding on TIGHT!
Blowing out Mom's candles!
Max with his cheesy grin, as usual. Trying on my new bogs I got from my parents!

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