Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer SPEED

Well "summer speed" is what our life is set on lately. We have been busy, busy! Working, landscaping, updating the apartments, keeping up with the house and having some fun. I feel like I haven't updated in so long. I have been trying to brainstorm about some things that have been going on in our lives lately... I know that when I go back in the years to come I will regret not taking the time now to reflect (while I can still remember things)! 

The boys seem to be getting older by the minute. They are talking more and more and starting to get better at putting words together. It is very funny to me to watch the boys over the past two years, because they continually go back and forth as far as development. As soon as I start to worry that maybe Luke isn't talking as much as Max it will flip and I won't be able to get Max to talk! At the moment, Max is chatting nonstop and Luke seems to save his word bursts for just the right moment. They are just so fun right now!
Getting ready to go on the pontoon! First ride of the summer. They even got to fish a little :)
Aunt Kathy came to visit with Great Grama a couple weeks ago. So fun to see them! Aunt Kathy got the boys the cutest birthday present... a tent and two camp chairs! The boys just love them! We have the tent set up in the playroom and I find them, daily, gibber gabbering in there together. They also drag their chairs all over the house and just perch in them with a book. So sweet! The only bad part is that they find everything they can to put in the tent! The other day I found some of my kitchen towels and some socks and even a pair of Caleb's shoes in there! Ha!
Playing peek-a-boo!

BIG little hugs!
We went to visit Nana at work the other day and the boys were so drawn to all the jewels.  Before we knew it they were dressed in sparkles. What can I say, their dad would be so proud?!
Max in one of the camp chairs! They got summer buzz cuts the other night! They are just starting to look so big!
Riding the horse together at Famous Dave's tonight...
Caleb, the boys, and I went out for dinner tonight. It was so nice, and super unexpected. Caleb came home from work at a decent time and said he wanted to go out for dinner... somewhere with air conditioning! At one point I looked at him and said... "can you believe that we are enjoying conversation with each other while our boys are quietly occupied?" It was so unbelievable to me! They are just starting to hit that age where crayons, some paper and a few books can do wonders! It really felt like a night out... and was so enjoyable to spend time together as a family!

I am looking forward to a weekend spent honoring the fathers in my life. My husband, who over the past two years has blown me away with his natural fathering abilities. He has blossomed into such a great dad. He is intentional, caring, tough when he needs to be and so fun! My boys squeal with excitement when they just hear the sound of his truck coming or THINK he is at the door. When they hear his voice outside they crawl the walls to see him out the window! He will, I know, continue to amaze me and exceed my expectations as he starts to really teach them about life. I am so, so thankful that he is my partner in this parenting adventure!

I also feel so blessed to have the dad that I do. He has and always will be one of the most supportive, consistent, loving, intentional, caring and amazing men I know! My dad is one of the kind of guys that really cares... if he asks how I am doing... he really seems to want to know the answer. He loves me more than I think I even know, and now that I have little ones I feel like I am more thankful for him and his love as I understand it more. I am also so thankful to have such an awesome father-in-law that loves me like one of his own. But most of all I am thankful that I have a heavenly Father, above all else, that loves me... and has put me in this place in life and with these wonderful people!

Happy weekend all!

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