Monday, March 19, 2012

So the New Family Member...

I hope you are all as excited as I am about the new family member... it is a '92 Dutchman Travel Trailer!!!!!!!! :) Yes... our old, not-so-faithful RV has been sold. I pray that the new owner has better luck than we did, since we have now fixed everything. So unless the whole frame just falls apart, they should be fine! Now... last summer, as we traveled with it... that didn't seem like much of a stretch! I do miss it, weird, I know. But memories are memories. And after the bad has passed, only the good remains. So... on to NEW and hopefully more successful camping memories this summer!!!!!! :)
Here she is...

The ornament my mom gave us for Christmas... yeah, yeah... very funny. My hope is we WILL be HAPPY campers THIS summer!!! :)
The view from the front door.
Nice size kitchen!
BIG windows... love these!
Our 'bedroom'
Big helper, Max, working on the grill.
Luker working in the garage.
 So on to other changes... we are working more and more on our basement remodel and it's coming along nicely. Caleb is trying to get lots done before landscaping starts. So far the sheet rock is hung and now we just need to mud and tape. Then the fun stuff... painting and carpet, etc!

Slow progress...

Some Spring decorating... I even made me own wreath... feels like DIY season now that it's warm!
And the biggest changes of all lately is the fact that my little boys just don't seem so little anymore! They have went from babies to boys! It's so fun but also so sad to me at the same time!!!!
MAX -- both showing off their "cheese" faces! :)

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  1. please come and help with my decorating!! You are so good at it! Can't wait to see those big boys tonight!