Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, as most of you know our home is under construction, and will probably remain that way for the next couple years. That's what you get when you buy a huge home that needs TONS of work, I guess. But... the master bedroom and the babies' room are top priority right now! We are to the point now where we can start to hang sheet rock and then mud/tape and flooring!

The picture above shows the babies' view from the deck in front of the sliding door. The light that comes in will be nice!

I am so anxious to find out the sexes... but I realize that I need to be patient. My next OB appointment is this coming Wednesday (April 14th) in Duluth at St. Mary's. I have to establish care up there with a doctor because it is very likely that I will be giving birth there, due to the fact that Hayward does not have an NICU. My doctor here had me all excited and said that I would have an ultrasound up there and I could find out the sexes. But... I called up there to confirm my appointment... and I don't have an ultrasound scheduled!!! I know I will get another one soon... but now that Caleb told me I could find out, I am so exicted to know now! I think he really wants to find out too. When I told him we don't have an ultrasound on Wednesday he was bummed.. and said "Why am I even going with you?" Thanks, honey! hahaha!

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  1. You better let me know as soon as you know!! I miss you much and wish I was closer!! Call me my dear!